Mountain View Cemetery

5000 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611
510 658-2588

Submitted by David Johnson

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Surname List Total records = 33,934 
Ongoing submissions starting 21 May 2004 updated 8 Aug 2006

Surnames ??-A Surnames McComb-Milledge
Surnames B-Berg Surnames Miller-Myrick
Surnames Bergen-Bridgeman Surnames N
Surnames Bridges-Byxbee Surnames O
Surnames C-Child Surnames P-Pickard
Surnames Childers-Cornwall Surnames Pickering-Pyne
Surnames Corps-Czamecki Surnames Q
Surnames D-Dixon Surnames Raab-Riley
Surnames Doan-Dzoghii Surnames Rimbert-Rynders
Surnames E-Ezzy Surnames S-Serda
Surnames F-Fyfe Surnames Serena-Smiley
Surnames Gabbard-Grant Surnames Smilie-Stark
Surnames Grantz-Gygax Surnames Starke-Sywulka
Surnames H-Haub Surnames T
Surnames Hauffe-Hoffine Surnames U
Surnames Hoffman-Hyvarinen Surnames V
Surnames I Surnames Waaland-Wenck
Surnames J Surnames Wendel-Willis
Surnames K Surnames Willner-Wyszynski
Surnames L-Lind Surnames X
Surnames Lindauer-Lytle Surnames Y
Surnames M-McCollum Surnames Z

Additions 29 Aug 2006 Total records = 3,590 updated 27 Oct 2006
(update on surnames HENRY and BIRDSALL 23 Feb 2007)
Surnames Unknown-Guye
Surnames Haberman-Nufer
Surnames Oates-Zoller


Mountain View Cemetery Columbarium List Total records = 5,363
Submitted 15 March 2006
Surnames A-B Surnames M-N
Surnames C-D Surnames O-R
Surnames E-G Surnames S
Surnames H-J Surnames T-Z
Surnames K-L

Mountain View list by Kay Arnold - Submitted 21 Apr 2007, Updated 8 Jun 2007


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