San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
Gustine, California

32053 West McCabe Road
Gustine CA 95322
Phone: (209) 854-1040
FAX: (209) 854-6259 

Extracted from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 
National Cemetery Administration database 
dated 15 June 2006 by Joy Fisher.
Compiled by Peggy Hooper

Surname List

Surnames Aaberg-Amyeite Surnames Anaya-Azoma
Surnames Babb-Baziuk Surnames Beach-Bizzell Surnames Bjerke-Bozeman
Surnames Braatten-Bryson Surnames Bu Shong-Bywater  
Surnames Caba-Cayse Surnames Cearley-Clymore Surnames Coan-Cozzolino
Surnames Crabb-Czarnecki    
Surnames Da Silva-Dexter Surnames Di Bartolo-Dyson  
Surnames Eades-Ezell    
Surnames Fabel-Flynt Surnames Fogarty-Futrell  
Surnames Gaare-Giussi Surnames Gladwell-Goza Surnames Grabeel-Gzikowski
Surnames Haack-Hazley Surnames Head-Hlavaty Surnames Hoag-Hrynkiewicz
Surnames Hubbard-Hynson    
Surnames Iakovkin-Iwasskiewicz    
Surnames Jack-Johns Surnames Johnsen-Juzix  
Surnames Kaczmarowski-Kizzier Surnames Kjer-Kyllonen  
Surnames L'Hote-Ledo Surnames Lee-Lloyd Surnames Lobato-Lytton
Surnames Mabalcon-Mastro Surnames Mata-McIver Surnames McKay-Miley
Surnames Miller-Moore Surnames Moorehead-Myszka  
Surnames Nadel-Nystrom
Surnames O Keefe-Oyervides
Surnames Paap-Perel Surnames Perez-Pope Surnames Popolizio-Pyron
Surnames Quackenbush-Quittman
Surnames Raab-Riccobuono Surnames Rice-Roesky Surnames Rogers-Rysak
Surnames Saari-Scoggins Surnames Scott-Silos Surnames Silva-Smothers
Surnames Smutz-Stepp Surnames Sterling-Szymanski
Surnames Taber-Tkaick Surnames Tobeck-Tzugaris
Surnames Ucci-Uzzel
Surnames Vaca-Vukson
Surnames Waage-Wayne Surnames Weakley-Wilcoxson Surnames Wild-Wlecke
Surnames Woahn-Wythe
Surnames Xiong-Xiong
Surnames Yacorzynski-Yurdyga
Surnames Zaccaria-Zurschmit


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