Riverside National Cemetery
Riverside, Riverside County, California

22495 Van Buren Boulevard
Riverside, CA 92518
Phone: (951) 653-8417
FAX: (951) 653-5233 

Extracted from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 
National Cemetery Administration database 
dated 15 June 2006 by Joy Fisher.
Compiled by Peggy Hooper

Surname List

Surnames Aaberg-Adamo Surnames Adams-Aguglia Surnames Aguilar-Alexander, Joe
Surnames Alexander, John-Allen Surnames Allenbaugh-Amy Surnames Anagnos-Anderson, Ruth
Surnames Anderson, Sandra-Aquino Surnames Arabian-Arno Surnames Arnold-Atkin
Surnames Atkins-Azzopardi
Surnames B-Bain Surnames Bainbridge-Bales Surnames Baleskie-Barber
Surnames Barbera-Barnhill Surnames Barnhisel-Bash Surnames Basham-Bayot
Surnames Bayron-Becker Surnames Beckerich-Bell, Robin Surnames Bell, Rodney-Benoit
Surnames Benowitz-Berona Surnames Berquam-Biggs Surnames Bigham-Black
Surnames Blackaby-Block Surnames Blocker-Boll Surnames Bolla-Borsuk
Surnames Bortle-Bowyer Surnames Box-Bradway Surnames Brady-Brehm
Surnames Brehmer-Britt Surnames Brittain-Browman Surnames Brown-Brown, Jonathan
Surnames Brown, Joseph-Bruce Surnames Bruckner-Buckley Surnames Bucklin-Burk
Surnames Burkam-Burt Surnames Burtch-Byer Surnames Byerley-Bzdok
Surnames Caalim-Callais Surnames Callan-Campo Surnames Campos-Carija
Surnames Cariker-Carr Surnames Carraher-Cartron Surnames Cartwright-Castro
Surnames Casucci-Chamberlin Surnames Chambers-Chaves Surnames Chavez-Christel
Surnames Christensen-Clarin Surnames Clark-Claxton Surnames Clay-Coakley
Surnames Coan-Cole Surnames Colebank-Colvin Surnames Colwell-Contreras
Surnames Controy-Copelan Surnames Copeland-Costanzo Surnames Costello-Cowling
Surnames Cox-Craven Surnames Cravens-Crosser Surnames Crossley-Cunag
Surnames Cunanan-Czyz
Surnames D Orazio-Daniell Surnames Daniels-Davie Surnames Davies-Davis, Nettie
Surnames Davis, Nolan-De Meo Surnames De Mille-DeJear Surnames DeJohn-Dent
Surnames Dentel-Dias Surnames Diaz-Dimeo Surnames Dimery-Dolde
Surnames Dole-Dotts Surnames Doty-Drevlo Surnames Drew-Dunkin
Surnames Dula-Durgin Surnames Durham-Dzyacki
Surnames Eachus-Edney Surnames Edpao-Elick Surnames Elifritz-Emms
Surnames Emond-Esch Surnames Eschen-Evans, Scott Surnames Evans, Shanda-Ezzu
Surnames Faas-Farris Surnames Farrow-Ferguson, Mary Surnames Ferguson, Matthew-Filzen
Surnames Fimbres-Fitzgerald Surnames Fitzgibbon-Floria Surnames Florian-Fore
Surnames Foredice-Fox, James Surnames Fox, Jean-Freadhoff Surnames Frear-From
Surnames Froman-Fylpaa
Surnames Gaal-Galt Surnames Galus-Garcia Surnames Gard-Gasque
Surnames Gass-Georgalas Surnames George-Gibson Surnames Gice-Gilmer
Surnames Gilmore-Glove Surnames Gloven-Gomes Surnames Gomez-Goodrick
Surnames Goodridge-Gow Surnames Gowder-Graski Surnames Grasman-Green-Juanita
Surnames Green, Jules-Grey Surnames Grezeszak-Gross Surnames Grossbard-Gunn
Surnames Gunnell-Gyse
Surnames Haack-Halgren Surnames Hall-Hamill Surnames Hamilton-Haning
Surnames Hanis-Hardiman Surnames Hardin-Harrell Surnames Harren-Harris
Surnames Harrison-Harwell Surnames Harwood-Haws Surnames Hawthorn-Heath
Surnames Heathcote-Hendershott Surnames Henderson-Hensley Surnames Hensling-Herring
Surnames Herrington-Higginbottom Surnames Higgins-Hillmer Surnames Hillock-Hodgdon
Surnames Hodge-Holden Surnames Holder-Holmes Surnames Holmesley-Hormuth
Surnames Horn-Hovis Surnames Hovland-Hubley Surnames Hubmer-Hulett
 Surnames Hullibarger-Hury Surnames Husava-Hytrek
Surnames Iabichello-Izzo
Surnames Jaarsma-Jacobo Surnames Jacobs-Jaramillo Surnames Jarboe-Jensen
Surnames Jenson-Johnson, Dave Surnames Johnson, David-Johnson, Leroy Surnames Johnson, Leslie-Johnson, Zenobia
Surnames Johnson-Anderson- Jones, Helen Surnames Jones, Helga-Jones-Wallis Surnames Jones, Walter-Jynes
Surnames Kaa-Kath Surnames Kathrein-Keller Surnames Kellermann-Kenneally
Surnames Kennedy-Kickham Surnames Kidd-King, Peter Surnames King, Price-Klatt
Surnames Klatte-Knox Surnames Knudsen-Koss Surnames Kossack-Krug
Surnames Kruger-Kyzer
Surnames L'Heureux-Lamatry Surnames Lamb-Langhorne Surnames Langill-Latham
Surnames Lathan-Le Veau Surnames Lea-Leeds Surnames Leedy-Lephiew
Surnames Lepidi-Lewis, Helen Surnames Lewis, Henry-Linck Surnames Lincks-Littman
Surnames Litton-Loney Surnames Long-Lorigo Surnames Loring-Lucas
Surnames Lucchesi-Lutzo Surnames Lux-Lytwynec
Surnames Ma-Madrid Surnames Madrigal-Malott Surnames Malpass-Margo
Surnames Margolis-Martens Surnames Marthaler-Martinez, Jesus  Surnames Martinez, Jimmy-Mathew
Surnames Mathews-Mayeda Surnames Mayer-Mcatee Surnames McAteer-McCool
Surnames McCord-McDougle Surnames McDow-McInnis Surnames McInroe-McManners
Surnames McManus-Medford Surnames Medialdea-Menzie Surnames Meola-Michael
Surnames Michaels-Miller, Gene Surnames Miller, George-Milloy Surnames Mills-Mitchell, Leroy
Surnames Mitchell, Lester-Monson Surnames Monsoor-Moore, Joe Surnames Moore, John-Morford
Surnames Morgan-Morrison Surnames Morrisroe-Muellenberg Surnames Mueller-Murphy, Myra
Surnames Murphy, Neal-Mysliwy
Surnames Naaden-Negro Surnames Nehem-Nevins Surnames Nevitt-Nielsen
Surnames Nielson-Norwood Surnames Nosacka-Nystul
Surnames O-Ochitll Surnames Ochoa-Olsgaard Surnames Olson-Ortiz-Maranon
Surnames Ortlieb-Ozust
Surnames Paap-Panis Surnames Panitch-Parrott Surnames Parry-Paulisinecz
Surnames Paulk-Pekar Surnames Pekley-Perkins Surnames Perkis-Petre
Surnames Petree-Pick Surnames Pickard-Pittis Surnames Pittman-Pomroy
Surnames Ponce-Poulin Surnames Pouliot-Price, John Surnames Price, Joy-Punch
Surnames Punchard-Pyzow
Surnames Qazi-Quon
Surnames Raab-Ramsden Surnames Ramsey-Ray Surnames Raya-Reeve
Surnames Reeves-Reuter Surnames Revard-Rich Surnames Richard-Rigby
Surnames Rigdon-Roach Surnames Roache-Robins Surnames Robinson-Rodger
Surnames Rodgers-Roher Surnames Rohl-Rosedahl Surnames Roseen-Rowlett
Surnames Rowley-Rusnov Surnames Russ-Rzucek
Surnames S-Samra Surnames Sams-Sanson Surnames Sansone-Scane
Surnames Scanlan-Schmidlen Surnames Schmidt-Schulter Surnames Schultz-Scott, Richard
Surnames Scott, Robert-Selter Surnames Selts-Shanley Surnames Shannon-Shelton
Surnames Shelvin-Shovah Surnames Shove-Simmonds Surnames Simmons-Sisti
Surnames Sistrunk-Smart Surnames Smartt-Smith, Gloria Surnames Smith, Goodson-Smith, Olive
Surnames Smith, Oliver-Snibbe Surnames Snider-Sothras Surnames Soto-Spiker
Surnames Spiliopoulos-Standlea Surnames Standley-Steighner Surnames Steil-Strward
Surnames Stewart-Stoller Surnames Stolp-Stricklin Surnames Strid-Sullivan
Surnames Sulpizio-Sweetland Surnames Sweetman-Szymczak
Surnames Taalak-Tawzer Surnames Tayler-Telka Surnames Tell-Thoman
Surnames Thomas-Thompsom Surnames Thompson-Thorpe Surnames Thorsell-Tolan
Surnames Toland-Toya Surnames Toyama-Truelove Surnames Truelson-Turner, Ronald
Surnames Turner, Roy-Tzucanow
Surnames Ua-Uzzi
Surnames Vaage-Van Zandt Surnames Vanaken-Veloso Surnames Veloz-Viola
Surnames Violante-Vyse
Surnames Waade-Walke Surnames Walker-Wallrich Surnames Walls-Ware
Surnames Wareham-Watkins Surnames Watley-Webdell Surnames Weber-Wellman
Surnames Wells-Wethe Surnames Wetherald-White, John Surnames White, Johnny-Widmer
Surnames Widoe-William Surnames Williams- Williams, John Surnames Williams, Johnie-Willingham
Surnames Willis-Wilson, Rickola Surnames Wilson, Robert-Witas Surnames Witcher-Wood
Surnames Woodage-Wray Surnames Wrege-Wyzinski
Surnames Xander-Xanthakis
Surnames Yaag-Youmans Surnames Young-Yzaguirre
Surnames Zaback-Zywczak

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