Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
Point Loma, San Diego County, California

P.O. Box 6237
San Diego, CA 92166
Phone: (619) 553-2084
FAX: (619) 553-6593

Extracted from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 
National Cemetery Administration database 
dated 15 June 2006 by Joy Fisher.
Compiled by Peggy Hooper

Surname List

Surnames Aark-Agus Surnames Ah Sue-Allen  Surnames Allenberg-Anders
Surnames Andersen-Anker Surnames Annable-Asenchk Surnames Ash-Azuma 
Surnames Baar-Bako Surnames Bala-Barksdale Surnames Barley-Barwicks 
Surnames Basco-Bechtel  Surnames Beck-Bengtson Surnames Benham-Berson
Surnames Bertao-Bisson  Surnames Bither-Blossfield  Surnames Blotti-Boozer
Surnames Borad-Boxell  Surnames Boy-Branum Surnames Brasel-Brizzlara
Surnames Bro-Brown, Isaac Surnames Brown, Jack-Bruzewski Surnames Bryan-Burbrink
Surnames Burch-Burston Surnames Burt-Byzewski
Surnames Caba-Campanole Surnames Campbell-Carlock Surnames Carlon-Carton
Surnames Cartwright-Chaloux Surnames Chamberlain-Chew Surnames Chewning-Clarin
Surnames Clark-Clemons Surnames Clendenon-Colchagoff Surnames Cole-Condry
Surnames Cone-Coons Surnames Cooper-Coto Surnames Cottam-Crandel
Surnames Crane-Crow Surnames Crowder-Czerwonky  
Surnames D'Abadie-David Surnames Daviddelacruz-Day Surnames Dayhoff-Deitrich
Surnames Dietzer-Dianna Surnames Diaz-Dole Surnames Doleman-Dowis
Surnames Dowling-Dumm Surnames Dumond-Dziwik  
Surnames Eachus-Eickmann Surnames Eide-Enis Surnames Enneking-Evanoff
Surnames Evans-Ezell    
Surnames Fabbre-Feda Surnames Fedak-Figg Surnames Figgins-Flaz
Surnames Fleck-Forrest Surnames Forrester-Franson Surnames Frantz-Frybarger
Surnames Frye-Fyock    
Surnames Gabaldon-Garity Surnames Garland-Gentiles Surnames Gentry-Gilley
Surnames Gilliam-Gomand Surnames Gomen-Graham Surnames Grahl-Greene
Surnames Greenewald-Gross Surnames Grosslight-Gyure
Surnames Haag-Haling Surnames Hall-Hamp Surnames Hampshire-Hards
Surnames Hardwick-Harry Surnames Harryman-Hawks Surnames Hawksworth-Heil
Surnames Heiland-Hensley Surnames Henson-Hiel Surnames Hieshetter-Hipp
Surnames Hippen-Holec Surnames Holenshade-Hopking Surnames Hopkins-Howcroft
Surnames Howe-Huling Surnames Hull-Hyvonen  
Surnames Iacoboni-Izor    
Surnames Jabaay-Jarka Surnames Jarman-Johns Surnames Johnsen-Johnson, Raymond
Surnames Johnson, Rexford-Jones, Lola Surnames Jones, Lorraine-Juvenal
Surnames Kaas-Kedzie Surnames Kee-Kemmerer Surnames Kemp-Kilby
Surnames Kilcourse-Kitto Surnames Kittrell-Koenen Surnames Koeing-Krogh
Surnames Krogstad-Kyte    
Surnames L'Abbe-Land Surnames Landa-Laskin Surnames Lasko-Leal
Surnames Leaman-Leonard Surnames Leone-Lillestol Surnames Lilley-Lockout
Surnames Lockridge-Lovel Surnames Lovelace-Lywandowsky  
Surnames Maack-Mahn Surnames Mettam-Millener Surnames Mahon-Marcus
Surnames Marden-Martikas Surnames Martin-Mast Surnames Masten-Mazzulla
Surnames Mc Abee-Mc Daniel Surnames Mc Dearman-Mc Kee Surnames Mc Keen-Mc Wright
Surnames McAdams-McEwen Surnames McFadden-Meek Surnames Meeker-Mett
Surnames Miller-Milloglav Surnames Mills-Mohney Surnames Mohr-Moorcroft
Surnames Moore-Morford Surnames Morgan-Moses Surnames Mosher-Murphree
Surnames Murphy-Mytinger    
Surnames Nabors-Nerz Surnames Nesalhous-Noah Surnames Noakes-Nystul
Surnames O'Connell-Odneal Surnames Odom-Orin Surnames Orinia-Ozol
Surnames Paananen-Parker Surnames Parkerson-Pavez Surnames Pavia-Penny
Surnames Pennycook-Peterson, June Surnames Peterson, Karl-Pieratt Surnames Pierce-Pohle
Surnames Pohorely-Powe Surnames Powell-Pross Surnames Prosser-Pytlik
Surnames Quackenbush-Quon    
Surnames Raab-Rawson Surnames Ray-Reich Surnames Reichard-Riccitelli
Surnames Rice-Rike Surnames Riker-Roberton Surnames Roberts-Rodela
Surnames Rodemeyer-Roscow Surnames Rose-Royola Surnames Roys-Rzopensk
Surnames Saa-Sandrock Surnames Sandru-Schatz Surnames Schatzberg-Schroer
Surnames Schroers-Seace Surnames Seager-Schackelford Surnames Shackelton-Shepard
Surnames Shepherd-Siano Surnames Sibayan-Sisco Surnames Sisk-Smit
Surnames Smith-Smith, Jon Surnames Smith, Jonie-Snow Surnames Snowdall-Spees
Surnames Spegal-Stallworth Surnames Stalmer-Stencil Surnames Stengel-Stirk
Surnames Stirling-Strike Surnames Strobel-Sur Surnames Surber-Szyszka
Surnames Tabanao-Taylor Surnames Tazelaar-Thomas-Lewis Surnames Thomaselli-Tige
Surnames Tighe-Tyzzer     
Surnames Uager-Uzdavines    
Surnames Vader-Vest Surnames Vestal-Vystercil  
Surnames Waara-Wall Surnames Wallace-Wark Surnames Warkentin-Weaver
Surnames Webb-Wellpott Surnames Wells-Wheeler Surnames Wheelock-Wible
Surnames Wichman-William Surnames Williams-Williamson Surnames Williar-Wing
Surnames Wingard-Wood Surnames Woodall-Wright Surnames Wrightsman-Wyttenbach
Surnames Xavier-Xavier    
Surnames Yaciw-Yutrzenka    
Surnames Zabel-Zych    

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