San Francisco National Cemetery

1 Lincoln Blvd., Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94129
Phone: (650) 589-7737 or 1646
FAX: (650) 873- 6578

Extracted from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 
National Cemetery Administration database 
dated 15 June 2006 by Joy Fisher.
Compiled by Peggy Hooper

Surname List

Surnames Aabel-Ancheta Surnames Le Blanc-Lizee
Surnames Andel-Azevedo Surnames Llewellyn-Lyytinen
Surnames Baab-Barwald Surnames Mabalot-Marryatt
Surnames Basa-Bezotte Surnames Marsh-Mazzolini
Surnames Biagini-Boskamp Surnames Mc Adam-Mc Frammick
Surnames Bosqui-Brody Surnames Mc Gann-McOliver
Surnames Broske-Burgwald Surnames Meach-Mims
Surnames Burk-Byrum Surnames Minahan-Morton
Surnames Cabanilli-Casper Surnames Mosby-Myrland
Surnames Cass-Clary Surnames Naas-Nystrom
Surnames Clase-Comstock Surnames O Neil-Oziewicz
Surnames Conaghan-Cowling Surnames Pabst-Perzenski
Surnames Cox-Czyzewski Surnames Peshon-Poor
Surnames D'Arcus-Deisz Surnames Pope-Pytake
Surnames Del Alamo-Dostie Surnames Quadros-Quist
Surnames Dotson-Dyson Surnames Raaen-Rexford
Surnames Eads-Eytel Surnames Reyburn-Rockwood
Surnames Faaland-Flynn Surnames Roddam-Rytie
Surnames Foard-Fuzie Surnames Saar-Schuck
Surnames Gabaldon-Ghiradeli Surnames Schuler-Shawn
Surnames Giaccarini-Goyton Surnames Shay-Skupowski
Surnames Grabell-Gwynn Surnames Slack-Sowilouski
Surnames Haag-Happel Surnames Spaete-Stewart
Surnames Harbaugh-Heavey Surnames Stich-Szotvicz
Surnames Heberer-Hinton Surnames Taaffe-Thurston
Surnames Hipp-Hozak Surnames Tiago-Tyson
Surnames Hrdlecka-Hynes Surnames Uchtman-Uzeta
Surnames Iacona-Ivey Surnames Vaca-Vultee
Surnames Jaap-Joksap Surnames Waage-Wayne
Surnames Jola-Jutilla Surnames Weagant-Whyte
Surnames Kaatz-Khaltl Surnames Wisdom-Wysocki
Surnames Kibby-Kizer Surnames Wiberg-Wirtz
Surnames Kjose-Kyman Surnames Yachmann-Yuson
Surnames L'Ecuyer-Lazzarini Surnames Z'Drahe-Zybarth


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