Golden Gate National Cemetery
San Bruno, California

1300 Sneath Lane
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: (650) 589-7737
FAX: (650) 873- 6578

Extracted from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 
National Cemetery Administration database 
dated 15 June 2006 by Joy Fisher.
Compiled by Peggy Hooper

Surname List

Surnames Aabling-Adam Surnames Adamski-Alex Surnames Alexander-Allen
Surnames Allenberg-Andersen Surnames Anderson-Anderson, Nels  Surnames Anderson, Noname-Antrim
 Surnames Antrobus-Arnold  Surnames Arnone-Austen  Surnames Austin-Azzopardi
Surnames Baaba-Bake Surnames Baker-Baltz Surnames Burns, Ruth-Butt
Surnames Baltzer-Barnel Surnames Barnes-Bartle Surnames Bartlett-Baus
Surnames Bausch-Becker Surnames Beckerdite-Bellshaw Surnames Belluomini-Beretta
Surnames Berg-Besk Surnames Beskin-Bini Surnames Binkley-Blake
Surnames Blakeley-Bodo Surnames Bodway-Boot Surnames Booth-Bowdoin
Surnames Bowen-Braden Surnames Bradfield-Brazil Surnames Brazill-Britos
Surnames Britt-Brown, Darryl Surnames Brown, Dave-Brown, Sam Surnames Brown, Sampson-Bryden
Surnames Brydon-Burg Surnames Burge-Burns, Russell Surnames Buttacavoli-Bytheway
Surnames Cababaan-Caluy Surnames Calverley-Canoll Surnames Canon-Carlson
Surnames Carlstad-Carson Surnames Carsten-Cassill Surnames Cassinelli-Chabrier
Surnames Chabronski-Chaskin Surnames Chassaing-Christenberry Surnames Christensen-Claridy
Surnames Clark-Clays Surnames Clayson-Codd Surnames Codde-Collie
Surnames Collier-Conger Surnames Congrave-Cook, Iris Surnames Cook, Ivan-Cordero
Surnames Cordes-Couri Surnames Cournale-Crandell Surnames Crane-Cropper
Surnames Crosby-Cundiff Surnames Cundy-Czyzyk  
Surnames D'Agostino-Daniel Surnames Daniele-Davis, Dewey Surnames Davis, Donald-Dawson
Surnames Day-De Simone Surnames De Soto-Delk Surnames Della Maggiora-Dettling
Surnames Dettmer-Digre Surnames Dike-Doheny Surnames Doherty-Doran
Surnames Dorasz-Doyen Surnames Doyle-Duddy Surnames Dudeck-Dunlop
Surnames Dunn-Dzielak    
Surnames Eachus-Edward Surnames Edwards-Ellett Surnames Ellfeldt-Enfield
Surnames Eng-Espe Surnames Espleland-Ezzell  
Surnames Faaborg-Farrior Surnames Farris-Fergusson Surnames Fericano-Finn
Surnames Finnegan-Flater Surnames Flatland-Foletta Surnames Foley-Foss
Surnames Fossey-Frank Surnames Frankart-French Surnames Freng-Fuller
Surnames Fullerton-Fyvie    
Surnames Gaab-Gambino Surnames Gamble-Garner Surnames Garneri-Geiger
Surnames Geils-Gibney Surnames Gibron-Gilmore Surnames Gilmour-Godding
Surnames Godel-Good Surnames Goodall-Goularte Surnames Gould-Grant
Surnames Grantham-Green Surnames Greenamyer-Griffitts Surnames Griffo-Guilfoy
Surnames Guilfoyle-Gyselbrecht    
Surnames Haack-Haliwell Surnames Hall-Hamill Surnames Hamilton-Hanney
Surnames Hannibal-Hardy Surnames Hare-Harris, Lee Surnames Harris, Leonard-Harves
Surnames Harvey-Hawkins Surnames Hawkinson-Heater Surnames Heath-Helyar
Surnames Helzer-Hensley Surnames Henson-Heyn Surnames Heynen-Hill
Surnames Hillard-Hoddell Surnames Hodder-Holder Surnames Holderman-Homme
Surnames Hommell-Hotz Surnames Houchens-Huard Surnames Hubbard-Huliganga
Surnames Hulit-Hurst Surnames Hurt-Hysler
Surnames Iacini-Izuno
Surnames J-Jadwin Surnames Jaegel-Jenkin Surnames Jenkins-Joffe
Surnames Johannas-Johnson, Helene Surnames Johnson, Henry-Johnson, Zern Surnames Johnsrud-Jones, Jane
Surnames Jones, Jeffery-Jose Surnames Joseph-Juvenal
Surnames Kaai-Kaufman Surnames Kaufmann-Keller Surnames Kellerman-Keney
Surnames Kengle-Keummel Surnames Keuper-King, Leslie Surnames King, Lester-Kizer
Surnames Kizirian-Kobitz Surnames Koble-Krase Surnames Krasnitsky-Kytle
Surnames L'Esperance-Lamaysou Surnames Lamb-Lani Surnames Lanier-Laufer
Surnames Laugesen-Leale Surnames Leaman-Lelah Surnames Leland-Lewellyn
Surnames Lewerdovics-Lighezzolo Surnames Light-Little Surnames Littlefield-Loney
Surnames Long-Louvau Surnames Loux-Lue Surnames Luebben-Lytton
Surnames M-Maddy Surnames Madeiros-Malcolm Surnames Malcolmson-Manson
Surnames Mansur-Marseu Surnames Marsh-Martin Surnames Martindale-Matheson
Surnames Mathews-May Surnames Mayagoitia-Mc Carl Surnames Mc Carley-Mc Conoughey
Surnames Mc Convey-Mc Donald, Fred Surnames Mc Donald, George-Mc Ginty Surnames Mc Girr-Mc Kearn
Surnames Mc Kee-Mc Lure Surnames Mc Mackin-Mc Ree Surnames Mc Reynolds-Mellera
Surnames Mellick-Metzo Surnames Meure-Millentree Surnames Miller-Miller
Surnames Millerick-Mitchell Surnames Mitchenson-Montgomery Surnames Montiel-Moralez
Surnames Moran-Morris, Leslie Surnames Morris-Motz Surnames Mouat-Munoz
Surnames Munro-Murry Surnames Murtagh-Mytinger
Surnames Naas-Nein Surnames Neipp-Neu Surnames Neubarth-Nicoll
Surnames Nicolls-Norman Surnames Normand-Nystrom
Surnames O'Banion-O'Kins Surnames O'Lague-Ogor Surnames Ogren-Opp
Surnames Oppelt-Overton Surnames Oviatt-Ozurovich
Surnames Paaloalo-Pape Surnames Papeera-Parry Surnames Parscal-Pauli
Surnames Paulich-Peel Surnames Peeler-Perrou Surnames Perry-Peterson, John
Surnames Peterson, Katherine-Phillips, Otto Surnames Phillips, Patricia-Pippin Surnames Pippus-Pomel
Surnames Pomon-Powe Surnames Powell-Price Surnames Pricer-Pyzewski
Surnames Quackenbush-Qvistgaard
Surnames Rogerson-Rosier Surnames Raab-Rank Surnames Ranke-Reay
Surnames Rebattaro-Rehman Surnames Rehn-Reyna Surnames Reynard-Richards
Surnames Richardson-Riley, Rhea Surnames Riley, Richard-Roberts-Guy Surnames Roberts-Harl-Rochat
Surnames Roche-Rogers Surnames Rosing-Rowney Surnames Rowray-Russell
Surnames Russellwich-Rytter
Surnames Saake-Sanc Surnames Sanchez-Sarrer Surnames Sastego-Scheid
Surnames Scheidegger-Schneringer Surnames Schneuer-Schwenzfeger Surnames Schwerdtfeger-Seburn
Surnames Sebuskie-Seward Surnames Sewell-Sheedy Surnames Sheehan-Shirk
Surnames Shirley-Silva Surnames Silvani-Siow Surnames Sipe-Smirnes
Surnames Smith-Smith, Helen Surnames Smith, Henry-Smith, Rita Surnames Smith, Robert-Sobey
Surnames Sobocenski-Spangenberg Surnames Spangle-Spring Surnames Springer-Starling
Surnames Starr-Stephenson Surnames Stepney-Stiltz Surnames Stilwell-Stout
Surnames Stoutenberg-Stults Surnames Stultz-Suth Surnames Sutherland-Szyszka
Surnames Ta Ho-Tayas Surnames Taylor-Templar Surnames Temple-Thoman
Surnames Thomas-Thompsen Surnames Thompson-Thornton Surnames Thorp-Tole
Surnames Toledo-Traher Surnames Trail-Trusty Surnames Trutner-Tzganos
Surnames Ubhaus-Uzzell
Surnames V-Vane Surnames Vanecek-Vick Surnames Vickers-Vultaggio
Surnames W-Walkemeyer Surnames Walker-Walls Surnames Wallsten-Warm
Surnames Warman-Watson Surnames Watt-Wehr Surnames Wehrli-Werby
Surnames Werden-Wheeler, Lillian Surnames Wheeler, Lonnie-Whithouse Surnames Whiting-Wiley
Surnames Wilfong-Williams, Hyrum Surnames Williams, Ida-Willits Surnames Willitt-Wilson
Surnames Wilstam-Woehl Surnames Woelfle-Woodin Surnames Wooding-Wright, Lucy
Surnames Wright, Lula-Wyss
Surnames Xanders-Xavier
Surnames Yabut-Yuvienco
Surnames Zabala-Zynda


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