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Colorado Cemetery Status Symbols:
Open for registration and transcription. Partial or in-progress transcription on this cemetery.
This cemetery has been registered. This is a complete transcription as of the date noted...Updates welcomed!

Dolores County



Cahone Cemetery, Cahone


Dove Creek Cemetery, Dove Creek
(Completed November 2003)

Mary & Hugh Gailey

Dunton Cemetery
(Completed 10/2005)

Henry Ninde

Lavender Cemetery
(Registered 8/10/2001)

Paula Neal

Nash Cemetery, South Mountain


Peel Cemetery, Dove Creek
(Completed June 29, 2001) (Updated 11/2003 by Mary & Hugh Gailey)

Sybil Jaslowski

Rico Cemetery


Valley Rico Small Cemetery


Valley Rico Large Cemetery


Single graves and Small Family Cemeteries


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