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Garfield County



Battlement Mesa (Parachute) Cemetery, Parachute                           Judy L. Crook


Beard Cemetery


Bruce Cemetery


Carbondale Cemetery, Carbondale

Evergreen Cemetery, Carbondale                                                           Rebecca Maloney 


Divide Creek Union or Fairview Cemetery,  aka Fairview (Banta) Cemetery,               Donna L. Drummond
Silt - New Castle


Fisher Cemetery, Carbondale                                                                    Judy L. Crook


Highland Cemetery Listing - New Castle                                            Donna L. Drummond
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Hillcrest Cemetery, Carbondale                                                        Rebecca Maloney 


Hoff / IOOF Cemetery


Larson Family Cemetery, Silt


Marion (Spring Gulch) Cemetery                                                    Donna L. Drummond


Moose Lodge - See Rose Hill


Nevitt Cemetery


New Castle Area
Family Cemeteries and Single Plots                                            Donna L. Drummond


Parachute - See Battlement Mesa


Pioneer Cemetery, (aka Linwood Cemetery, aka Glenwood Cemetery), Glenwood Springs         Donna L. Drummond


Primrose Cemetery, Glenwood Springs


Rifle Cemetery - See Rose Hill


Rifle Creek Cemetery, near Rifle


Rosebud Cemetery, Glenwood Springs                                            Rebecca Maloney


Rose Hill Cemetery, Rifle                                                                 Judy L. Crook
1890-1920 Records, Moose Lodge Section
Section: C | G | A-L in progress

(Updated 5/16/01)


Rulison Cemetery, Rulison


Russey-Hurlburt Cemetery, Parachute                                              Judy L. Crook


Santak, Carbondale


Skyline Cemetery, Silt                                                                     Rebecca Maloney


Spring Valley Cemetery


Weaver Cemetery, Carbondale

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