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Gilpin County



Bald Mountain Cemetery Nevadaville

Thelma Kincheloe
(3/2002- Thelma - we need your email address !)

Catholic Cemetery, Central City

Tammy White

Central City Cemetery


Dory Hill Cemetery Blackhawk

Thelma Kincheloe

Foresters Cemetery
(Completed 11/2003)

Jan Purl and Jean Jones

IOOF Cemetery - See Rocky Mountain or Russell Gulch


Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Central City
(Completed 11/2003)

Jan Purl and Jean Jones

Lake View Cemetery


Masonic Cemetery Near Central City

Thelma Kincheloe

Missouri City Cemetery


Protestant Cemetery, Central City


Red Man Lodge Cemetery
(Completed 10/2003)

Jan Purl and Jean Jones

Rocky Mountain IOOF Lodge #2 Cemetery Central City

Thelma Kincheloe

Russell Gulch Cemetery 
(IOOF Lodge #41)

(Submitted  12 July 2002)

Joshua & Kathryn Fulenwider 

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