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Huerfano County Cemetery Guide
Includes many cemetery transcriptions
Karen Mitchell
Arenosa Cemetery
Badito Cemetery
Baxter Cemetery  
Bear Creek
Bustos - See Cuchara Junction  
Butte Cemetery, Walsenburg
(Also transcribed as St Vrain Cemetery)
Theresa L. Pino
Butte Valley Cemetery
Chama Cemetery
Chavez Plaza Cemetery .
Chavez (Sand Arroyo) Cemetery
Chavez Cemetery Debra Gonzales-Behery
Cisneros Cemetery
Cuchara Junction Cemetery
Cuchara Junction Cemetery
(Also transcribed as the Valdez Cemetery)
Debra Gonzales-Behery
Doyle Cemetery (Cemetery Hill) Doyle Bridge 
(Joseph B. Doyle was a judge in Huerfano County and for awhile the County seat was located on his ranch on the Huerfano. - K Mitchell)

Evergreen Cemetery
Farisita Cemetery
Farisita Catholic - see Talpa  
Gardner Catholic Cemetery
Gardner Protestant Cemetery
Georgia Colony Cemetery
Gomez Cemetery, Red Wing
Gomez Family Cemetery, Del Carbon  
Gonzales Family Cemetery Malachite -
See Malachite
Gonzales Family Cemetery, Red Wing
(Comp - 10/30/00)
Debra Gonzales-Behery
Huajatolla - see Wahatoya  
La Veta (Public) Cemetery
La Veta Catholic Cemetery  
La Veta (Old) Cemetery
aka Erwin Cemetery
La Veta Spanish Cemetery
(Comp-11/25/00. Also transcribed as the Wahatoya Cemetery)
Debra Gonzales-Behery
La Veta (#2, #3, #4, #5) Cemeteries  
Laguna Cemetery
Maes Creek Cemetery
Malachite Cemetery
Masonic Cemetery, Walsenburg
(This html index includes tombstone photographs)
Nancy Godfrey-Kozoriz
Masonic Cemetery, Walsenburg
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Debra Gonzales-Behery
Miller Family Cemetery
North Veta Cemetery Debra Gonzales-Behery
Oak Creek - See Oak View  
Oak View Cemetery, La Veta
Ojitos Cemetery
Pino Family Cemetery, Badito
Theresa L. Pino
Pino Ranch #3 - See Miller Cemetery  
Red Wing Cemetery
Rogers (Thomas Rogers) Cemetery
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery North, Walsenburg
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery South, Walsenburg
Saint Vrain Cemetery
Sanchez Cemetery --see Farisita #2  
Sand Arroyo - See Chavez  
Santa Clara Cemetery
Speed (Old Huerfano) Cemetery, Huerfano Butte
Staplin Cemetery
Talpa (Farisita Catholic) Cemetery, Farisita
Tombstone Hill Cemetery  
Turner Mine Cemetery  
Valdez Cemetery, Cuchara Junction
(Also transcribed as Cuchara Junction Cemetery)

Vialpando Cemetery
Vigil Cemetery  
Wahatoya Creek (Huajatolla) Cemetery,  
La Veta
(Also transcribed as the La Veta Spanish Cemetery)

Willis Cemetery
Yellowstone Creek Cemetery

Mystery Grave
We recently purchased a very old, small stucco house in Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado. Amongst the rubble in the yard during our clean-up we found a tombstone. It reads: Leighton M. Ariano January 9, 1925 to March 14, 1926. We don't know the mystery behind the stone. Is the child buried in the yard? Was the tombstone engraved incorrectly and thrown out? Maybe the childs name is Ariano Leighton? There are a thousand possibilities. In case this information may be of value to someone we have posted it here.
posted by: Donna Rust  It message #4161  Colorado Genforum
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