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sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KLas Animas County
Abeyata Cemetery  
Aguilar Cemetery
see - Knights of Pythias
Aguilar Cemetery
see - Saint Anthony's
Albertson Cemetery, Delagua  
Andrix Cemetery
(completed November 13, 2001)
Mel West
Barela Cemetery  
Bloom Ranch Cemetery, Hoehne Sharen Deitz 
Burro Canon Cemetery, Madrid  
Carpio Cemetery, Trinindad  
Catholic Cemetery, Trinidad   
Cedar Hill Cemetery  
Cejita Cemetery, Branson  
Chicosa Cemetery, Hoehne
(completed October 2004)
Bridget Srader & Family 
Chilillicito Cemetery, Trinidad
(completed April 2004)
Bridget Srader & Family 
Cordova Cemetery, Trinidad  
Crane Cemetery  
Crespin Cemetery, Pine Canyon  
Earl Cemetery
(completed May 2004)
Bridget Srader & Family 
Edenview Cemetery, Kim
(completed November 13, 2001)
Mel West
Edenview Cemetery, Kim
(Completed November 13, 2001)
Mel West
El Ojito Cemetery
(Completed February 2011)
Orlando Mestas
Esperensa Cemetery Bridget Srader & Family 
Foster Cemetery
at the Old Foster Home Stage Stop
Sheila Allen
Gallegos Cemetery, Hoehne  
Garcia Cemetery, Trinidad Bridget Srader
Gulnare Cemetery Catherine Brallier
Hicks Cemetery
(Registration April 2005)
Larry Wirtz
Higbee Cemetery, Kim  
Hoehne Cemetery Bridget Srader & Family 
Janson Cemetery, Trinidad  
Jarosa Cemetery, Gulnare  
Johnson Cemetery  
Kim Cemetery
(completed March 13, 2003)
Mel West
Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Aguilar   Pikes Peak Genealogical Society
The cemetery book project chairwoman is Linda Vixie
Las Animas County Cemetery Bridget Srader & Family 
Leyba Cemetery, Abeyta  
Long Canyon Cemetery  
Los Hermanos Cemetery  
Lucero Cemetery, Abeyta  
Martinez Cemetery, Hoehne  
Masonic Cemetery, Trinidad   
Mestas Cemetery
(Completed 7/2006)
Orlando Mestas
Maxwell Grant Cemetery  
Medina Cemetery  
Mountain View Cemetery, Branson
(completed November 13, 2001)
Mel West
Nola Cemetery, Trinchera  
Ol Jilto Cemetery Bridget Srader & Family 
Pacheca Cemetery  
Parker Cemetery, Tobe  
Pleasant View Cemetery  
Plum Valley Cemetery, Tobe  
Prince Cemetery  
Reilly Canyon Cemetery  
Rivera Cemetery, Trinidad  
Robb Cemetery  
Romero Cemetery  
Saint Anthony Cemetery, Aguilar Pikes Peak Genealogical Society
The cemetery book project chairwoman is Linda Vixie
San Juan Cemetery, Madrid  
San Juan Cemetery, Valdez  
San Juan Plaza Cemetery  
San Pedro Cemetery  
Scott Cemetery  
Sheltering Pines Cemetery, Trinidad  
Simpson Cemetery, Tyrone Bridget Srader & Family 
Simpson's Rest, Trinidad  
Sporis Cemetery  
Starkville Cemetery  
Stonewall Cemetery  
Tapia Cemetery, Abeyta  
Temple Aaron Cemetery  
Tercio Cemetery, Torres  
Thatcher Cemetery Bridget Srader & Family 
Thorpe Cemetery  
Tijeras Cemetery, Valdez    
Trichera Plaza Cemetery, Trichera  
Trujillo Creek Cemetery, Delagua  
Valdea Cemetery  
Valdez Cemetery, San Luis  
Vigil Cemetery, Trinidad  
Weston Community Cemetery, Weston
Located approx. 20 miles southwest of Trinidad Colorado, in the small town of Weston CO. 
Wilcox Cemetery Bridget Srader & Family 
Wiley Cemetery  

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