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Open for registration and transcription. Partial or in-progress transcription on this cemetery.
This cemetery has been registered. This is a complete transcription as of the date noted...Updates welcomed!

Park County



Alma, see Buckskin


Bordenville Cemetery  *
(Completed 1/06)

Chuck Borden

Buckskin Cemetery, Alma

Pat & Fred Harris

Como Cemetery  *

Shelley Barnes

Dudley Cemetery


Fairplay Cemetery 

Shirley Murphy
Joe and Lucy Brown

Old Fairplay Cemetery
(Comp - 9/14/00)

Joe and Lucy Brown

Falls Hills Cemetery


Gibbs (Milton) Gravesite
(Comp - 9/14/00)

Chuck and LuAnn Hazelwood

Hall Valley Cemetery


Hanging Tree Cemetery


Horn Cemetery, northeast of Bailey  *
(located near Bailey on US highway 285)
(Registered 1/05)

Thomas Rome and NEW

Horseshoe (East Leadville) Cemetery


Lake George Cemetery   *
(Registered 4/2011)

Tracey VanHise

Lamping Family Cemetery, Webster townsite, near Grant
(Registered - 10/30/00
I am the owner of this cemetery, and would be happy to transcribe the gravestones when I can. In the meantime, I am willing to answer any email enquires about the cemetery. There are also unmarked graves about which I have information. With the exception of three graves, all are related by birth, adoption, or marriage to James Augustus Lamping (1861-1948).

Sharon Ells

Montgomery Cemetery


Park City Cemetery


Weston Cemetery


* From:
Sent: February 04, 2003
Subject: Horn, Como, Bordenville and Lake George Cemeteries, Park County, CO

The above cemeteries are owned by Park County, they are governed by the Park County Cemetery Board. The cemeteries are still being used by the citizens of Park County. Last burial was 1/25/03 at Horn. There are 2 more burials to be scheduled at Como and Horn.

The cemetery board is very active in preserving these historic sites. If you need any information about the 4 cemeteries, please email me at

Carolyn Hartshorn
Chairman, Park County Cemetery Board

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