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Washington County



Abbott Cemetery, north of Lindon


Akron Cemetery 


Burdett Cemetery 
(Completed - 3/2001)

Arlene Glenn

Cope Cemetery 


Curtis Cemetery, north of Platner 
(Completed 2/23/01)

Arlene Glenn

Elba Cemetery, near Anton


Fairview Cemetery, Hyde 
Early Hyde residents buried elsewhere.
(Completed 2/2001)

Arlene Glenn

Glen Chapel Cemetery, south of Lindon
(Completed 4/2006)

Terry and Dee Ann Blevins

God's Half Acre
(Single grave - Kenneth Blake, died March 5, 1977)


Harrisburg Cemetery
(May not exist - mentioned in 1897 obit)


Hope Cemetery, north of Otis
(Completed 2/2001)

Arlene Glenn

Hyde - see Fairview 


Jesse Family Cemetery, south of Akron
(Registered 10/06)

Lee Cemetery, northeast of Anton
(Completed 4/2008)

Bryan Penfold

Lindon (WagonWheel Springs) Cemetery
(Rock markers for five un-named graves. Cemetery established prior to 1900)


Otis Cemetery


Platner Cemetery
(Single marker for Margaret Wittenberger 1853-1894)


St Josephs Catholic Cemetery, Akron


Summit Springs, north of Akron
(Site of 1869 Summit Springs battle. Single grave of Mrs Susanna Alderdice, killed Jul 11, 1869. 1933 monument marking site of 52 Indian deaths.)


Swan Cemetery, northeast of Last Chance


Thurman Cemetery


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