Pine Hill Cemetery

Salem Bridge Burials

1740 - 1857

Transcribed from "Ancient Burying Grounds" of the Town of Waterbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.  Vol. 2  The Mattatuck Historical Society Publication 1917.  Compiled and edited by Katherine A. Prichard.

Submitted by Dawn Visintini on May 1, 2001. Highlighted names have additional information.

Name Death Date Other Information
Capt. John Lewis  2-24-1799 Aged 88 years
Mrs. Ame Lewis 9-26-1796 Wife of Capt. John, Aged 76 years
Nathaniel Gunn 10-25-1769 in his 61st year
Mrs. Sarah Gunn 3-8-1756 wife of Nathaniel, in her 45th year
A. Lewis 1740 Stone Broken
Samuel Lewis, Esq 4-11-1778 In his 70th year
Unknown   Stone Broken
Sarah Hickox 1-19-1809 Wife of Gideon, in her 94th year
Gideon Hickox 4-18-1798 In his 93rd year, (Agent of Supplies, Rev. War
??? Terrel 1-24-1789 Stone mostly gone
Zeruah Terrel 6-15-1781 Wife of Lieut. Israel Terill, aged 43 years
Top of Stone Gone 9-8-1802 Aged 31 years
Ira Beebe 12-29-1792 Aged 59 years
Jemima Beebe 4-1-1813 Wife of Ira, Aged 77 years
Henrietta Terrel 11-27-1803 Dau of Irijah & Hannah, in her 4th year
Susanna Terrel 4-3-1794 Wife of Moses, with small pox, in her 70th year
Moses Terrel 4-1-1783 In his 59th year
Hannah Terrel 1-26-1813 Wife of Irijah, in her 53rd year, in a fit of apoplexy
Irijah Terrell 5-27-1824 In his 74 year
Irijah L. Terrell 11-6-1829 Aged 36 years
Abijah B. Terrel 6-6-1825 Lost at sea, Aged 45 years
Abigail Hotchkiss 4-15-1773 Consort of David, in her 36 year
Capt. Samuel Porter 1-8-1793 In his 71st year
Mary Porter 3-23-1780 Wife of Capt. Samuel, in her 56th year
Moses Terrel 4-18-1783 Aged 3 months, Child of Irijah Terrel
Susannah Terrel 4-9-1787 Aged 3 years, Child of Irijah Terrel
Alma Terrel 5-14-1794 In her 8th year
Susannah Terrel 8-21-1799 In her 19th year, Child of Irijah & Hannah
George Buckingham Terrel 10-18-1830 Aged 1 year 8 months, Son of Horatio & Sarah B. Terrel
Sarah B. Terrel 10-14-1836 Wife of Horatio, Aged 29 years
Horatio Terrill 10-14-1830 Aged 29 years
John Hopkins 5-12-1802 In his 83rd year
Sarah Hopkins 5-31-1766 Wife of John, in her 37th year 
Amos Osborn 11-1-1790 In his 69th year
Sarah Hotchkiss 3-28-1794 Wife of Asahel, Aged 35 years
Clarissa Culver 5-17-1808 Dau of Amos & Sarah, in her 17th year


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