Palmer Cemetery
Groton, New London, Connecticut

Submitted by Kathleen Ann Ashbey Kimble on March 31, 2004 and was transcribed in 2001.

Joseph D., son of Nehemiah & Lucy Ann Mason
8-18-1834 8m 15d

Lucy Ann Mason, wife of Nathaniel Mason
12-31-1835 26y

Julia Helen, daughter of Joseph & Mary Ann Mason
5-20-1834 1y 3m 18d

Joseph Latham
11-2-1834 84y

Abigail, wife of Joseph Latham
3-13-1847 90y

David Palmer, slain at Fort Griswold
9-6-1781 38y

Nathaniel Palmer 5-??????

Mary, wife of Nathaniel Palmer
6-15-1768 58y

Perez Chipman
2-2-1844 64y

Dorcas, wife of Perez Chipman
11-1-1839 51y

Eliza Ann Franklin
5-24-???? 21y

Thomas, son of Thomas & Eliza Ann Franklin
5-26-1830 2y

Infant son of Thomas & Eliza Ann Franklin

Emily, daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann Franklin
5-18-1839 7m

Thomas, son of Thomas & Mary Ann Franklin
3-23-1838 6m

Prudence Palmer
12-11-1811 11m

Sally Palmer
10-31-1820 7m

Elihu Palmer
6-10-1821 9m

(The stone for the previous three reads, "children of Deacon John & Abby Palmer")

Harriet, daughter of Joseph & Mercy Potter
5-12-1832 6m 15d

A footstone reading the letters J.B.

Benjamin, son of Jesse & Mary Brown
6-27-1790 8m 10d

David P. Brown
9-12-1835 53y

Fanny E. Chadwick, wife of David P. Brown
4-4-1879 95y 11m

Mary, wife of Jesse Brown
7-11-1837 86y

A stone reading "our mother"

A stone reading "Aunt Lucy"

Nathaniel, son of Benjamin & Mary Brown
7-6-1836 5y

Mary E. Brown
5-7-1845 12

Mary, wife of Nathaniel Palmer

Mary Ann, daughter of John & Hannah C. Baker
1-5-1846 8y

David P. Brown

Mary E. Wallace
1817-1911 his wife

Susan H., wife of Charles W. West
1-11-1872 33y

Elizabeth, wife of Peter Baker Jr.
3-15-1812 20y

Prudence M., daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Baker
3-25-1842 6m

Sarah C., daughter of Champlin & Lucy Darcy Dewey
9-10-1846 15y 4m

A broken footstone with the letters P.C.


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