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Diamond Head Memorial Park, 529 18th Ave, Honolulu, HI (Under Transcription)
Summer 2008
Charmaine Castro
Ewa Community Cemetery - Complete Photos Listing
NOTE: A ledger book has been found for this cemetery at the Bishop Museum Archives, 1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu HI 96817, phone 808-848-4148 (open Wed-Fri noon to 4pm and Sat 9am to noon)
Nov 2010
Bonnie Clark
Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery, Kaneohe - Surname Links Below:
June 2006
Joy Fisher
AAN to AOY | AOY to AZE | B | CAB to COC | COC to CYP | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | KAA to KEO | KEO to KYL | L | MAA to MIL | MIL to MYE | N | O | P | Q | R | SAB to SOR | SOT to SYL | T | U | V | W | Y | Z
Mission Houses Cemetery, Honolulu
68 Kb
November 2001
William Disbro
National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific, Honolulu - Surname Links Below:
June 2006
Joy Fisher
AAR to AH N | AH N to ALB | ALB to AND | AND to ARA | ARA to ATC | ATC to AZZ | BAA to BAR | BAR to BEA | BEA to BER | BER to BLA | BLA to BOU | BOU to BRI | BRI to BRU | BRU to BUS | BUS to BYX | C to CAN | CAN to CAS | CAS to CHA | CHA to CHO | CHO to CLA | CLA to CON | CON to COS | COS to CRU | CRU to CZY | D E to De B | De C to DEM | DEM to DOH | DOH to DUF | DUF to DZU | EAG to EMM | EMM to EZZ | FA'A to FER | FER to FLY | FLY to FRA | FRA to FUJ | FUJ to FYL | GAB to GAU | GAU to GIO | GIP to GOR | GOR to GRI | GRI to GYO | HA to HAM | HAM to HAR | HAR to HAW | HAW to HEN | HEN to HIG | HIG to HIW | HIX to HON | HON to HUD | HUD to HYU | IAC to INO | INO to IWA | IWA to IZZ | JAB to JIN | JOA to JON | JON to JYO | KAA to KAL | KAL to KAN | KAN to KAT | KAT to KEA | KEA to KEL | KEL to KIM | KIM to KIS | KIS to KOL | KOL to KRU | KRU to KUT | KUT to KYZ | La B to LAN | LAN to LEE | LEE to LEP | LEP to LIT | LIT to LOV | LOV to LYN | LYN to LYT | MAA to MAK | MAK to MAR | MAR to MAS | MAS to MAU | MAU to McB | McB to McM | McM to MES | MES to MIL | MIL to MIY | MIY to MOO | MOO to MOR | MOR to MUR | MUR to MYL | NAA to NAK | NAK to NEA | NEA to NIS | NIS to NUN | NUN to NYS | O B to OJE | OJE to ONA | ONA to OTI | OTI to OZG | PAA to PAR | PAR to PEE | PEE to PEV | PEY to POK | POK to PRO | PRO to PYP | Q | RAA to REE | REE to RIC | RIC to ROB | ROB to ROS | ROS to RZO | SAA to SAM | SAM to SAU | SAU to SCH | SCH to SHA | SHA to SHI | SHI to SIL | SIL to SMI | SMI to SOL | SOL to STA | STA to STO | STO to SUL | SUL to SZY | TAB to TAK | TAK to TAN | TAO to TEX | TEX to TIN | TIN to TOR | TOR to TUI | TUL to TYU | U | VAC to VIE | VIE to VYE | WAA to WAR | WAR to WEL | WEL to WIL | WIL to WIN | WIN to WOO | WOO to WYV | X | YAB to YAN | YAN to YOS | YOS to YUU | Z
Oahu Cemetery, School Street, Honolulu, HI (Will Do Lookups)
Mar 2011
Oahu Cemetery
1 Kb
Sep 2011
Mary-Lynne Ludloff
Sonny Liu
Puukamalii Cemetery
Also known as: Kalaepohaku Cemetery
Honolulu, Hawaii
Celestia and Pearl Riordan
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Sunset Memorial Park, 849 4th Street, Honolulu, HI (Under Transcription)
Summer 2008
Charmaine Castro
The Schofield Barracks Post Cemetery, Honolulu
September 2007
Matthew Heaton
Uluhaimalama Cemetery, Honolulu, HI (Partial Transcription)
Oct 2012
Terri Sager
Williams Memorial Cemetery, Honolulu, HI (Under Transcription)
Summer 2008
Charmaine Castro
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