Arkalon Cemetery

Seward County, Kansas

This cemetery started in 1880 is currently in use at this time and is somewhat maintained. This cemetery is off the beaten path and is located from Liberal on Hwy 54 starting at last stoplight heading East 6.3 miles and then turning left off Hwy 54 onto O road and crossing set of RR tracts and continues 2.7 miles and cemetery is on your right hand side. This road is sandy and the area is snakey (rattlers) and visitors need to use caution when visiting the area during warm months.
The remains of Arkalon (R-K-len) can be seen from the cemetery and all that is left standing is an old school house and a blacksmith shed. This abandon town is about 2 miles from the cemetery and is gated off to trespassers. Photos of the cemetery and school are available on this website. I myself walked and documented this cemetery on April 23,2002 and recorded the following names. The record keeping for this cemetery is poor and if you personally know and have proof of a person buried here and I don't have that person listed, please feel free to contact Laura Youtsey-Ball to make corrections, as there are several unknowns in this cemetery without names or dates and we would like to make sure that we get everyone listed that needs to be.

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and
submitted 24 April 2002. With additions added by Oz.

S/W means stone shared with.

Picture of Arkalon Cemtery, April 2002

File Description Image
Adducci, Colleen K. Image 35K
Andreotta, Dorothy H. Image 45K
Andreotta, James D Sr. Image 45K
Barker, Joshua Michael Image 43K
Botts, Amy Belle Image 47K
Botts, James Robert Image 47K
Browne, Clifford H. Jr. Image 53K
Browne, Clifford Hilton Image 36K
Browne, Maxine Pritchard Image 36K
Byers, Maude Image 33K
Carpenter, Aron David "Davey", Jr. Image 45K
Carpenter, Gary John Image 45K
Coffel, Betty Ann Fieldman Image 42K
Cook, W. W. Image 57K
Cook, Wanda Lee Image 29K
Cook, Willetta Clair Image 30K
Cox, Margret Image 89K
Cox, Martha Jane Image 53K
Davis, Albert L. Image 43K
Davis, Barbara Stout Image 43K
Day, Marilyn F. Image 34K
Dennis, Mary Harvey Image 46K
Dyck, Heinrick F. Image 47K
Etzold, Baby Image 30K
Farmer, Scott David Image 36K
Fitzgerald, Daniel Luke Image 45K
Forbes, Alberta C. Image 32K
(Forbes), Baby S Image 64K
Forbes, H. M. Image 70K
Forbes, Helen M. Image 36K
Gorsline, Berte Image 41K
Gray, John A. Image 46K
Gurn, Jennie L. Image 47K
Gurn, Lee A. Image 48K
Hall, Gertrude Image 41K
Harvey, Abbie Elnora Image 41K
Harvey, Absalom Image 41K
Harvey, Absalom B. Image 44K
Harvey, Billy D. Image 44K
Harvey, Carole Image 35K
Harvey, Charles Fred Image 18K
Harvey, Chet Image 41K
Harvey, Clarence S. Image 43K
Harvey, D. Ruth Image 41K
Harvey, Donald Vincent Image 47K
Harvey, Donald W. Image 80K
Harvey, George Image 32K
Harvey, James L. Image 45K
Harvey, James Ross Image 41K
Harvey, Joseph Lee Image 46K
Harvey, Margaret M. Image 44K
Harvey, Richard Lyle Image 44K
Harvey, Robert R. Image 35K
Harvey, Ruth A. Image 41K
Harvey, Steven Joel Image 51K
Harvey, Thomas V. Jr. Image 41K
Harvey, Thomas Viven Image 41K
Henline, Etta Image 44K
Henline, Oala Image 35K
Henline, Orville Image 39K
Henline, Sarah M. Image 40K
Henline, William R. Image 40K
Hensley, Tony Marie Image 36K
Hirn, Betty R. Image 35K
Hirn, E. Image 41K
Hirn, John H. Image 34K
Hirn, Mary Etta Image 35K
Hirn, Minnie E. Lawrence Image 35K
Hirn, W. E. Bill Image 35K
Hoag, Warren Burdett Image 34K
Holder, Bob Image 39K
Hubbard, Lynda Image 35K
Hutchinson, Charles M. Image 42K
Hutchinson, Freddie L. Image 55K
Hutchinson, Nellie V. Image 42K
Jackson, J. H. Image 67K
Johnson, Carl V. Image 38K
Johnson, Kail Lee Image 39K
Johnson, Xyla L. Norton Image 38K
Lassiter, Lydia Image 32K
Mcnitt, Stella Cook Image 44K
Nelson, A.J. "Blackie" Image 64K
Nelson, Leona - First Marker Image 64K
Norris, Darlene O. Image 45K
Norris, Emma Frances Image 49K
Norris, John W. Image 43K
Norris, Mellie Image 40K
Norris, Royal R. Image 51K
Oberley, Adam J. Image 34K
Oberley, Lottie Henline Image 35K
Ormiston, Mary Sanger Image 31K
Ormiston, U. G. Image 34K
Peek, Claude H. Image 77K
Peters, Judy H. Image 88K
Peters, Lisa Hiebert - First Marker Image 33K
Peters, Tina Hiebert - First Marker Image 32K
Peterson, Myrtle A. Image 39K
Peterson, William M. Image 39K
Phillippe, Jack Image 43K
Phillippe, Judy Image 43K
Phillips, Elizabeth Image 42K
Phillips, Lawrence A. Image 42K
Phillips, Mary D. Harvey Image 39K
Phillips, Vernon W. Image 53K
Pickering, O. L. Daley Image 42K
Prichard, Thelma I. Image 49K
Rawlings, S. J. Rusty Image 34K
Reeves, Mitchell Image 31K
Root, Henrietta Image 37K
Root, Henry Emerson Image 33K
Schupman, Benjamin Image 35K
Schupman, Glenna G. Image 41K
Schupman, Hubert Image 75K
Schupman, Richard Image 48K
Simmons, Frances A. Image 40K
Simmons, Hardy F. Image 40K
Stefan, Frank Image 41K
Stefan, Mabel E Stout Image 41K
Stewart, Leona Hirn Image 38K
Stout, Baby Image 41K
Stout, Lena May Image 69K
Stout, Lena May & Baby Image 43K
Sullivan, Avery Absalom Image 29K
Sullivan, Grace E. Harvey Image 41K
Summers, Hansford I (Hank) Image 45K
Summers, Joyce Marie Image 45K
Ward, Tom Image 29K
Widener, John H. - Closeup Image 75K Image 36K
Widener, Lorena J. (Benson) - Closeup Image 75K Image 36K

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