Banner Cemetery

Seward County, Kansas

7 miles South of Sublette to the junction of 83 & 190 and then 2 miles East and one mile South. Corner of road N & road 22.

This cemetery sits in Seward county and is used at times by Sublette. This is a very nice, well kept up cemetery located in the country with brick fence and gates. It is a small cemetery, but in use at this time. As of March 23, 2002, I personally walked this small cemetery and recorded the names/dates listed below. If you find any errors, please let me know so that I can correct them.

Picture of Banner Cemtery, April 2002

At the entrance of the cemetery
is a large standing monument with this inscription:



In Memory of Our Pioneers and Loved Ones
Banner Cemetery


Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and
submitted 4 April 2002.

S/W means stone shared with.

File Description Image
Allen, Cecil Jean  
Allen, Chad Wayne Image 41K
Allen, George A. Image 42K
Allen, Glen E. Image 38K
Allen, Julia I. Image 36K
Allen, Julia M. Image 42K
Allen, Max E. Image 31K
Allen, Melvin W. Image 36K
Allen, Michael Eugene Image 39K
Allen, Rita M. Image 31K
Allen, Vada Jo (Yeager) Image 38K
Allen, William Image 45K
Allen, Willis Image 45K
Amen, Richard D. Image 33K
Amen, Twila Mae Image 33K
Becker, Anna B. Image 45K
Becker, Main Stone Image 35K
Becker, William H. Image 46K
Bird, Carolyn Sue (Aubrey) Image 25K
Bird, Donald Neil Image 25K
Bird, Irene V. Image 39K
Bird, Julian Lee Image 52K
Bird, Marjorie Joyce "MarJoy"  
Bird, Mildred Image 36K
Bird, Randall  
Bird, Raymond L. Image 36K
Bird, Russell Neil Image 36K
Boland, David Lee Image 40K
Brandes, Sandra J. Image 40K
Brown, James E. Image 31K
Burr, Alma Leona Image 44K
Burr, Alvoree "wee" Image 36K
Burr, Fern E. Image 34K
Burr, Infant Son Image 46K
Burr, Lewis Image 33K
Burr, Marjorie Image 33K
Burr, Myrtle Image 31K
Burr, Nellie L. Image 36K
Burr, Orla O. Image 34K
Burr, William E. Image 31K
Cain, Gerald E. Image 148K
Cain, Margaret Durnil Image 148K
Cook, Irvin H. Image 145K
Cook, Lydia M. Image 145K
Cummings, Audrey G. Burr Image 150K
Cummings, Max W. Image 168K
Cummings, Rex W. Image 171K
Cummings, Theodore Wynn Image 150K
Daniel, Ida Image 215K
Davis, C. Sherrill Image 168K
Davis, Clarence C. Image 119K
Davis, Twila J. Rhiness Image 119K
Dawson, Elizabeth N. Image 144K
Dawson, William C. Image 154K
Durnil, Alda Bird Image 177K
Ellis, Baby Image 147K
Garrett, Elsie F. Image 143K
Garrett, Harry H. Image 143K
Harvey, James D. Image 236K
Harvey, Jessie Image 182K
Hatfield, Arlie E. Image 103K
Hatfield, Arlos Lee Image 22K
Hatfield, Infant Image 159K
Hatfield, Infant Image 159K
Hatfield, Minnie M. Burr Image 103K
Henley, Erma Lea Image 102K
Henley, Robert N. Image 102K
Hettenhause, Edna Image 163K
Hettenhause, Frank Image 163K
Hockett, Mary N. Image 167K
Hockett, Nathan L. Image 167K
Hudney, Steve Image 110K
Jones, Christopher J. Image 138K
Knoettgen, Gertrude Image 139K
Knoettgen, Robert L. Image 93K
Knoettgen, Roy M. Image 139K
Lamberson, A. D. Image 170K
Lamberson, Leonard Ray Image 166K
Lamberson, Lucy A. Image 170K
Lamberson, N.c. Image 147K
Lamberson, Ray Image 170K
Lamberson, Ruby Pearl Image 192K
Lowder, C.W. Image 215K
Lowder, E.C Image 249K
Lower, Nancy E. Image 236K
Mcginnis, Alma Louise Image 211K
Miller, Pauline W. Image 152K
Miller, W.A. "Bill" Jr. Image 152K
Miller, William A. Jr. (Military Marker) Image 127K
Milner, Harriett Image 240K
Milner, Henry Image 240K
Norton, Kara Michelle Image 193K
Patton, Eliza J. Image 135K
Patton, Flora E. Image 156K
Patton, Harwood Q. Image 124K
Patton, J.F. Image 113K
Patton, James B. Image 162K
Patton, Lucy E. Image 139K
Patton, Main Stone Image 199K
Patton, Velma W. Image 143K
Petty, Elizabeth Image 12K
Pickens, Claude E. Image 17K
Pickens, Helen L. Image 17K
Powell, Gerald L. Image 12K
Powell, Gerald Lee Image 13K
Powell, Irvin Ellis Image 12K
Powell, Judy Ann (Adams) Image 12K
Powell, Mickie M. Image 12K
Powell, Paula L. (Breedlove) Image 13K
Rheuby, Andrew J. Image 26K
Rheuby, W. L. Image 13K
Rhiness, F.L. Image 13K
Rhiness, Linda J. Image 14K
Rhiness, Nettie H. Image 7K
Rhiness, Paul T. Image 7K
Rhiness, Rachel A. Rheuby Image 30K
Rhiness, Sherry Jan Image 15K
Schmidt, Charles E.  
Schmidt, Clarence Image 13K
Schmidt, David Daniel Image 15K
Schmidt, Dorothy M. Image 10K
Schmidt, Edith M. Image 12K
Schmidt, Esther L. Image 13K
Schmidt, Esther M.  
Schmidt, Fred R. Image 12K
Schmidt, Gertrude E. Image 18K
Schmidt, John Image 14K
Schmidt, John W. Image 13K
Schmidt, Margaret I. (Little) Image 15K
Schmidt, Phinola Image 13K
Schmidt, Schmidt Frank J. Image 10K
Schmidt, Theresa Image 14K
Shahan, Abalard T. Image 39K
Smith, Alice Joy Image 10K
Smith, Fred C. Image 14K
Smith, Fred D. Image 6K
Smith, Lewis Lee Image 13K
Smith, Ruby L. Image 6K
Spanier, Charles J. (Chuck) Image 17K
Stapleton, Alda Mae (Webb) Image 130K
Stapleton, Clifford Eugene Image 13K
Stapleton, Gartrel B. Image 232K
Stapleton, Harold D. Image 107K
Stapleton, Myrtle C. Image 127K
Stapleton, Pearl Marie Image 180K
Stapleton, Ralph B. Image 127K
Stapleton, Sarah R. Image 107K
Stegall, Ewing H. "Joker" Image 122K
Stegall, Melba E. Image 122K
Teas, Harvey Edward Image 124K
Teas, Minnie Ann Image 124K
Trahern, Georgia L. Image 135K
Trahern, Howard A. Image 135K
Wall, Truman Laroy Image 125K
Wallace, Anna P. Image 46K
Wallace, Cora M. Image 124K
Wallace, Gladys H. Image 154K
Wallace, James A. Image 124K
Wallace, James C. Image 208K
Wallace, James E. (Military Marker) Image 142K
Wallace, James E. Image 146K
Wallace, Katie M. Image 146K
Wallace, Otto Ranson (Military Marker) Image 125K
Wallace, Otto Ranson Image 154K
Wallace, Ova E. Image 46K
Wallace, Rudolph Image 46K
Wallace, Winnie V. Image 202K
White, Nathan Daniel Image 154K
Williams, Burton M. Image 112K
Williams, Leora L. Wiswell Image 112K
Wilson, Francis M. Image 141K
Wilson, Viola Image 141K
Wiswell, John Leslie Image 166K
Wiswell, Lena Agnes Image 231K
Wiswell, Loula Ellen Image 126K
Wiswell, Main Stone Image 184K

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