Bixler Cemetery

Seward County, Kansas

Bixler Cemetery is located outside of Liberal. Turn off hiway 54 onto Blue Bell Road and continue 13 miles E and the cemetery is located on the left hand side of the blacktop on the corner of road O and U. This cemetery is small and unkept and a metal gate is wired shut across the entrance. This cemetery is not in use and has not been for many yrs and was started in the early 1900's. A hand drawn map of the cemetery and notes was made many yrs ago by Margaret Jannett Long, mother to Frank Long and in the 1920's she had helped maintain this cemetery.

I personally walked this small unkept cemetery myself April 22,2002 and recorded the following data and added the notes and names as recorded on the hand drawn map as well. It is stated by the Miller Mortuary that when the people who owned this cemetery passed away, the records were lost and there is not a complete listing of people buried here, to anyone's knowledge. In the late 1980's, the Scout troop went out to this small cemetery and cleaned it up and located and marked many of the unknown graves, with metal markers from Miller Mortuary. If anyone knowing or having further info regarding this cemetery or persons buried here, and wish to donate information, please contact Laura Ball at so that information can be added.

This cemetery is not kept up and if visitors should stop by, please use caution during the warm months, as snakes are frequent in this area and can be dangerous. Some of the notes are hard to read, but are as follows when available:

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and
submitted 28 April 2002.

Picture of Bixler Cemtery, April 2002

Picture of Bixler Cemtery, July 2007

Old Hand Drawn Cemetery Map

Text Version of Old Hand Drawn Cemetery Map

File Description Image Row
Baker, (Mrs.) Image 42K 3
Bigelow (Beglow), (Lena Lewella)   1
(Birchell), (Marvin Edward)   2
Bixler, J(ames) M(onroe) Image 50K 3
Bixler, (Rachel Anne) Image 54K 3
Boles, Tiffany M. Image 47K 4
Boles, Serena E. Image 47K 4
Closin (Clossen) (Clausen), (Peter Theodore)   2
Closin (Clossen) (Clausen), (Nancy Jane Young)   2
Gartung, Evelyn Delight Image 41K 1
Gowens, Unknown Image 47K 1
Henson, (Mrs.) Image 39K 5
Henson, (Mr.)   5
(Land), (Mr.)   4
Long, William C(harlie). Image 48K 2
Monroe, B. F.   4
Perry, Dudley Image 51K 2
Perry, Ica G. Image 53K 2
Perry, Lucy E. Image 51K 2
Perry, Robert E. Image 49K 2
Perry, W. D. "Doug" Image 48K 2
Risselie, (Risley), (Etta)   6
Risselie, (Risley), (Victoria)   6
Sliger, Mary A. Image 55K 5
Sliger, Richard J. Image 55K 5
Sliger, Robert J. Image 55K 5
Sliger, Roberta B. Image 55K 5
Sliger, William C. Image 48K 5
Steinmetz, Tina Anna Image 52K 1
(Still), Unknown   2
Stokes, Our Darling Sons 1 Image 50K 6
Stokes, Our Darling Sons 2 Image 50K 6
Unknown, (Baby)    
Wooden, Baby Boys 1 Image 48K 3
Wooden, Baby Boys 2 Image 48K 3
(Zimmerman), (Arley Hugh) Image 34K 1
Zimmerman, Keith Noble Image 49K 1

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