Fargo Springs Hillside Cemetery

Seward County, Kansas

Fargo Springs founded in 1865, about 3 miles South of Springfield, and 13 miles North of Liberal KS, Fargo Springs was the first town established in the county. In June, Fargo was named the temporary county seat and in 1867 the county seat was returned to Springfield. In 1888 Fargo Springs was bypassed by the railroad and and by 1897 Fargo Springs was officially vacated.

This cemetery no longer exists, as most of the people were moved into Liberal Cemetery.

Cemetery information compiled and graciously donated by Lydia J. Hook-Gray and data entered and submitted by Laura Youtsey-Ball. Submitted 4 April 2002.


Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comment
Antil M. John   April 22, 1886 Lived south of river. Left wife and 2 children
Hayward Child of Mr & Mrs. Benny C.   April 27, 1886 Age 5 M, 14 D. Parents had only been in town 1 week.
Lahey Mrs. Bridger   April 28, 1886 24 Yrs. Had husband and little girl, been in county 2 months.
Robinson J. F.   June 3, 1886 21 Yrs. Killed by lightening, from Gosport Illinoise (Barber Co).
Ellis Henry   July 8, 1886 Left wife and 5 children. Orginally from Champaign Co Illinoise.
Smith Miss Lettie   July 15, 1886 13 Yrs. Sister of Dr. G.W. Smith. Orginally from West Virginia.
Wiley Mrs. Z.T.   Aug 10,1886 Age 23 yrs. Orginally from Clark Co Illinoise.
Jordan James   Sept 16, 1886 Age 75 yrs. Murdered, left wife and children.
Schureman Mary M.   Sept 30, 1886 Age 67 yrs. Died of heart disease. From Emporia KS.
Corlett Arthur Feb 9, 1864 Oct 3, 1886 Orginally from New York.
Cole Mr. L. V.   Dec 24, 1886 Accidentally shot, left wife and 2 children.
Happe Josy   June 15, 1887 Age 10m.
Hooper Infant of Zach   July 14, 1887  
Robinson Mrs. Mary E.   Sept 1, 1887  
Teeters Mrs. Ed   May 31, 1886  
Adkerson Infant of Eva   June 1,1886 Age 6M.
Wood Mrs. A.   June 16, 1886 Age 22 yrs.
Snavely Mamie   June 25, 1886 Dau of Esa & Iva Snavely. Age 2 yrs, 3 m.
Haley Charles   June 30, 1886 Son of Horace Haley. Age 14 yrs. Killed by lightening.
Ellis Henry   July 3, 1886 Age 46 yrs. Company G 26 Illinoise Infantry. Left wife and 4 children.
Smith Letty L.   July 14, 1886 Age 13 yrs, 10m 7 dys. Born in North Bend, West Virginia.
Wiley Z. B.   Aug 10, 1886 Age 23 yrs. Clark Co, Illinoise, came to Seward Co in March 1886.
Robinson Mrs. J. L.   Aug 2, 1887 Age 45 yrs.
Stoufer Della   Aug 8, 1887 Dau of W. S. & Isora B. Stoufer. Age 15m.
Morgan Clyde   Sept 18, 1887 Son of J. B. & Louisa A. Morgan. Age 4 yrs.
McCullah Frank   Oct 10, 1887 From Maryland, died of mountain fever.
Robbins Mrs.   Feb 12, 1888  

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