Golden Plains Cemetery

Seward County, Kansas

Golden Plains Cemetery is located 9 1/2 miles West of US 160 Junction, 16 miles North of Liberal.

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and
submitted 4 April 2002.

S/W means stone shared with.

File Name Image
Bartell, Thomas J. Image 35K
Bennett, George S. Image 37K
Bennett, Prescilla E. Image 41K
Caffey, Mildred C. (Hockman) Image 40K
Cooper, Mason Image 47K
Davis, Faye Ethel Image 39K
Davis, Wilson Image 39K
Duncan, Doyle Laverne Image 40K
Duncan, Harry R. Image 35K
Gillespie, Roger D. Image 37K
Hockman, Francis H. Image 44K
Hockman, Ruth Leota Image 39K
Hockman, Sarah Ellen  
Hockman, Sherman Image 43K
Hockman, William Image 33K
Holt, Rufus M. Image 37K
Jerman, F. M. Image 32K
Kapp, Kenneth L. Image 43K
Kapp, Richard E. Image 45K
Layton, T. D. Image 44K
Michael, Catherine M. Image 34K
Michael, Charles E(lmer). Image 35K
Michael, Clyde E. Image 36K
Michael, Daniel Image 41K
Michael, Daniel A. Image 34K
Michael, Lois E. Image 35K
Michael, Margaret E. Image 41K
Michael, Mary E. Image 36K
Ragan, Loral Thomas Image 42K
Ragan, Mary M. Image 35K
Ragan, John T(homas). Image 35K
Rowan, George Image 41K
Rowan, Joanna Image 41K
Rowan, O. D. Image 38K
Rowan, Vernon Image 34K
Strickland, Infant Girl Image 41K
Tilford, Neal Maynard Image 45K
Watson, Charles Noah Image 48K
Whetstone, Amanda Image 35K
Whetstone, Cecil Image 26K


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