Clough Valley Cemetery

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Brown Alice Leota 14 February 1884 29-Mar-1975 w/o Edwin W. Northrup d/o Alvis C. Brown & Eliza E. HUGHES
Brown Alvis Clinton 08 April 1856 15-Jul-1946 h/o Eliza E. HUGHES s/o Moses Brown & Elizabeth WILES
Brown George Clinton 23 September 1882 29-Nov-1956 h/o Pearl M. QUIMBY s/o Alvis C. Brown & Eliza E. HUGHES
Brown Leonard Clinton 06 April 1910 17-Aug-2000 h/o Helen J. DODGE & Thelma B. PIERSON s/o George C. Brown & Pearl M. QUIMBY
Brown Maxon Elbert 28-Nov-1911 2-Jan-2000 h/o Evangeline A. D. WALEEN & Sybil R. DUFFEY s/o George C. Brown & Pearl M. QUIMBY
Cassens Bruce Leslie 20 June 1943 17-Aug-1964 s/o John W. Cassens & Mona I. NORTHRUP
Cassens Freda Hazel 6-Oct-1911 11-Aug-1984 d/o Clarence H. Cassens & Clara E. CHASE
Cassens John Winn 15-Feb-1914 17-Sep-1998 h/o Mona I. NORTHRUP s/o Clarence H. Cassens & Clara E. CHASE
Cole Emiline Millie 14 April 1862 23-Mar-1940 w/o Richard Vandike d/o Solomon T. Cole & Emmaline BROWN
Dodge Helen Josephine 16 January 1912 29-Oct-1976 w/o Leonard C. Brown d/o Dexter W. Dodge & Elizabeth WEEKLY
Faylor Harry C. 23 June 1901 19-Jan-1999 h/o Vinnette BROWN s/o Burton Faylor & Frances ADAMS
Hughes Eliza Emma 05 July 1862 5-Dec-1947 w/o Alvis C. Brown d/o Thomas M. Hughes & Mary A. MITCHEL
Jones Ida Jane 25 October 1869 6-Jun-1966 w/o William B. Matney d/o Moses N. Jones & Eliza A. McGOWAN
Matney Elmer Dave 13-Mar-1902 19-Jun-1962 h/o Louisa H. ROSE s/o William B. Matney & Ida J. JONES
Matney Stanley 22 February 1910 20-Mar-1994 h/o Nellie V. BAXTER s/o William B. Matney & Ida J. JONES
Matney William Brooks 23 January 1864/65 23-Dec-1947 h/o Ida J. JONES s/o Brooks Matney & Mary VANDIKE
Moberly Flavia Inez 23-Jun-1916 2-Sep-1916 d/o Andrew M. L. Moberly & Ethel I. STEVENS
Moore Erin 24 April 1981 24-Apr-1981 d/o Roger L. Moore & Rachelle "Chelly" G. C. BARTLETT
Northrup Edwin Ward 31 December 1879 23-Sep-1968 h/o Alice L. BROWN s/o Lorenzo D. Northrup & Mary A. McLAUGHLIN
Northrup Lawrence Ward 22-Mar-1916 28-Jan-1985 h/o Patricia P. LONG s/o Edwin W. Northrup & Alice L. BROWN
Northrup Lorenzo Dow 24 December 1849 10-Aug-1934 h/o Mary A. McLAUGHLIN s/o Lorenzo Northrup & Elizabeth S. WRIGHT
Northrup Mona Irene 28 March 1915 10-Aug-1997 w/o John W. Cassens d/o James G. Northrup & Ethel V. KELLUM
Quimby Pearl May 19 March 1887 18-Feb-1965 w/o George C. Brown d/o Omar S. Quimby & Amelia A. BAADE
Sass Fredrick Albert 30 May 1894 5-Mar-1971 h/o Virginia TREMBLY s/o Peter F. Sass & Marie P. STASSER
Trembly Virginia 10-Nov-1902 18-Feb-1988 w/o Frederick A. Sass d/o William Trembly & Clara GROSS
Vandike Martha Ellen 22 October 1890 15-Feb-1917 w/o Earl R. Moberly d/o John Vandike & Ellen COLE
Waleen Evangeline Ariel DeValla 20-Aug-1911 29-Aug-1961 w/o Maxon E. Brown d/o Leonard F. Waleen & Rosa A. CARLSON


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