Liberal Mausoleum

Seward County, Kansas

Information compiled by Laura Youtsey-Ball and
submitted 10 April 2005.

S/W means stone shared with.

File Description Image
Beaty, Edith Lee Image 36K
Beaty, Evelyn Marie Image 48K
Beaty, Dr Fred M. Image 53K
Beaty, LTC William Fredrick Image 55K
Boles, A. Alva Beck Image 63K
Boles, Frank G. Image 52K
Boles, Katie M. Image 48K
Christensen, Elton J. Image 70K
Gomez, Chuy Jesus Eloy Image 59K
Davidson, Geneva I. Image 44K
Davidson, Harvey B. Image 38K
Doll, Beulah E. Image 33K
Doll, Cecil L. Image 31K
Doll, Charles Edward  
Doll, Edward P. Image 63K
Doll, Geraldine Image 72K
Eads, Norman K. Image 51K
Hall, Edna Pearl  
Hawkins, Edwin Clinton Image 60K
Hawkins, George W. Image 49K
Hawkins, Jessie (Irene) Image 45K
Hawkins, Nora Lassiter Image 38K
Hilbig, Dr Albert Lionel Image 45K
Hilbig, Esta Mae Image 50K
Malone, Harry Richard  
Maxwell, Nina Maurine Image 58K
Maxwell, Paul Leslie Image 58K
McCreight, Dr Eugene Image 59K
McCreight, Lillie Mae Image 54K
Miller, Dorothy C. Image 54K
Miller, Samuel A. Image 60K
Miller, Susie L. Image 49K
Miller, Wayne Image 46K
Smith, Margaret L. Image 77K
Smith, Roy E. Image 56K
Thiede, Nadine Image 63K
Williams, Ivan Levi Image 57K
Williams, Stella E. Image 40K

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