Mount Hope Cemetery
Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas


Submitted by Oz


Name Birth Date Death Date Other Information
Ackely, Myrtle E.
1897 1956 With Earl E. Ackley  
Ackley, Earl E.
1891 1968 with Myrtle E. Ackley  
Aldridge, George
1845 1927  
Anderson, Mollie
1877 1928 "Mother"  
Barry, Katherine B.
1874 1966 "Wife" ; with William E. Barry
Barry, William E.
1874 1933 Husband of Katherine B. Barry 
Bomholt, Elna Ione  11-22-1938 9-28-2005 b. Conway Springs ks Sumner co, d. Topeka ks Shawnee co, D/O Jamie L. and Lenora Marie (Love) Jones. She was a 1956 graduate of Conway Springs High School and was a member of First Presbyterian Church, Conway Springs. She married Gary L. Bomholt on Dec. 22, 1957.  Cremation is planned.
Boone, Brian B.
1898 1953 "Father" with Ella S. Boone  
Boone, Ella S.
1900 1991 "Mother" ; with Brian B. Boone  
Burton, Mary K.
1885 1938 Stone next to hers says "Infant"  
Chute, Charles F.
1843 1914 with Mary B. Chute  
Chute, Mary B.
1853 1929 "His wife"; with Charles F. Chute 
Davidson, Mary E.
1850 1925  
Denney, Alma V.
1877 1936  
Dick, Jennet
1850 1925 "Mother"; next to Robert G. Dick  
Dick, Robert G.
1873 1942 buried next to Jennet Dick  
Fuller, H. Vernon
1856 1933 husband of Margaret E. Fuller 
Fuller, Margaret E.
1860 1921 "His wife" ; with H. Vernon Fuller 
Gleason, Anna E. Williams
1905 1978 buried next to Florence Williams Nipper 
Goodwin, Andrew N.
1900 1961 with Katherine C. Goodwin  
Goodwin, Katherine C.
1865 1921 with Andrew N. Goodwin  
Green, Mildred "Midge"
1900 1922  
Green , Lois 3-18-1927  7-23-2005 b. KS, d. Lees Summit MO Jackson co, Died at Village Care Center. She raised her family in Spokane, WA before moving to the Wichita area where she worked for Bank IV as a bank officer. She was preceded in death by infant daughter, Jennifer Kimer.
Greenstreet, Daniel
1860 1935 husband of Lillie Greenstreet  
Greenstreet, Lillie
Aug 12, 1860 Jan 6, 1915 "Wife of Dan Greenstreet"  
Hanna, Elizabeth M.
1863 1944 with Horace E. Hanna  
Hanna, Horace E.
1857 1915  
Haskell, Jacob
1871 1925 "Father"; buried with Joanna Haskell 
Haskell, Joanna
1873 1938 "Mother"; buried with Jacob Haskell  
Humbert, Frank W.
1872 1932 husband of Nellie Humbert  
Humbert, Nellie
1878 1954 "His wife"; with Frank W. Humbert  
Kinkead, Oliver Guy
1841 1924 NOTE  
Klein, Alice J.
1855 1925 "His wife"; with Judson H. Klein  
Klein, Judson H.
1853 1921 with Alice J. Klein  
Kuhn, Benjamin F.
1863 1921 "At rest" ; Masonic symbol on stone 
Lowman, Jacob
1866 1929 with Lillie May Lowman  
Lowman, Lillie May
1878 1926 with Jacob Lowman  
Mahaffey, Emery V.
1852 1925 with Ida A. Mahaffrey  
Mahaffey, Ida A.
1866 1932 with Emery V. Mahaffey 
McDermott, Edward F.
1859 1923  
Mehl, Elmer Edgar 8-16-1916 3-11-2005 b. Holyrood Ks Ellsworth co, d. Topeka ks, Passed away at a local hospice house. S/O William and Augusta Christian Mehl. He graduated from Holyrood High School in 1935. After graduation, he moved to Wichita and joined the Wichita Fire Dept. in 1942. He retired from the fire dept. in 1967 and moved to Topeka, where he worked for the State of Kansas in the Kansas Insurance Dept. He retired from the state in 1982. He served as secretary of Local 666 International Association of Fire Fighters for 20 years, secretary of the Kansas State Fire Fighters Association for 12 years, and president of the Sedgwick County Muscular Dystrophy Association for many years. He was a veteran of WWII and served in the US Navy as a firefighter in the South Pacific in New Guinea and the Philippine Islands. He was honorably discharged from the Navy. He was a life member of the American Legion Post #1 in Topeka and the VFW Post #112 in Wichita. He married Elizabeth M. "Betty" Block on Feb. 24, 1939. She preceded him in death.
Miller, Jane E.
Aug 18, 1832 Jan 4, 1917 “His wife”; with John M.  Miller  
Miller, John M.
Apr 15, 1840 Oct 23, 1919 with Jane E. Miller  
Monroe, Martha J.
1867 1932  
Nipper, Ernest M.
1902 1963 with Florence Williams Nipper  
Nipper, Florence Williams
1908 1975 with Ernest M. Nipper  
Palmer, Emma I.
1850 1918 with George W. Palmer  
Palmer, George W.
1843 [no death date] with Emma I. Palmer  
Pattison, John Dickey
May 20, 1842 Jul 1, 1912 "Co. D 206 Pa. Inf." with Martha E. Sharp Pattison  
Pattison, Martha E. Sharp
Jun 10, 1847 Jul 5, 1912 with John Dickey Pattison  
Pattison, Thomas L.
Jun 18, 1876 Dec 31, 1968 "Capt., Battery Kan. Nat. Guard, 1898-1914"  
Pattison, Violet M.
Aug 7, 1877 May 4, 1972  
Pattison, William A.
Mar 31, 1871 Jan 29, 1941 "Capt., Battery Kan. Nat. Guard, 1898-1914"  
Peyton, Ethel Pattison
Aug 20, 1880 Nov 28, 1966 with William W. Pattison  
Peyton, Frances M.
May 26, 1905 Sep 27, 1987 with Richard L. Peyton  
Peyton, Richard L.
Aug 2, 1907 Aug 10, 1993 with Frances M. Peyton  
Peyton, William W.
Apr 1, 1873 Sep 14, 1940 "Corp. 4 Va. Inf."; with Ethel Pattison Peyton  
Quarles, Vicky Ann Nov 26, 1949 Nov 23, 1999 b. Garnett, KS, d. Topeka, KS, dau of Clarence L. White and Jo Anne Falconer; m. (1) Darrell E. Griffin [d. 1979], 1973; (2) Gary K. Quarles
Reynolds, Irene Ruth 9-30-1914 6-19-2005 b. Mulvane ks Sumner co, d. Topeka Shawnee co, D/O Charles and Ruby Howard. Irene graduated from Mulvane High School in 1932. She married Claude Wilson Reynolds on June 4, 1939 in Mulvane. He preceded her in death on March 24, 2004.She was preceded in death by three sisters, Doris Marie Howard, Ethel Louise Rollins, and Berniece Margaret Skinner, and a granddaughter Rebecca Reynolds in 2002.
Richardson, Anna M.
1887 1978 with Edward A. Richardson  
Richardson, Edward A.
1887 1962 with Anna M. Richardson  
Richardson, Emma J.
1866 1944 with Frank E. Richardson  
Richardson, Frank E.
1860 1926 with Emma J. Richardson  
Robbins, Aaron A.
June 6, 1845 Feb. 18, 1923 with Maranda A. Robbins  
Robbins, Adelia E.
1875 1922 "Wife" ; with Frank L. Robbins  
Robbins, Frank
1880 1953 with Stella Robbins  
Robbins, Frank L.
[no date] [no date]  
Robbins, Maranda A.
June 4, 1848 Aug. 30, 1921 "His wife" ; with Aaron A. Robbins  
Robbins, Stella V.
1900 1988 with Frank Robbins  
Robbins, William F. – 1863 – 1921
Robbins, William F.
1863 1921 NOTE  
Roundtree, Ethel L.
1892 1994 with Roswell Roundtree  
Roundtree, Gardner
1913 1925 with Ethel & Roswell Roundtree  
Roundtree, Roswell
1888 1965 with Ethel L. Roundtree  
Scott, Lettie
1863 1962 with Robert Scott  
Scott, Robert
1853 1932 with Robert Scott  
Smith, Madge 3-22-1919 1-27-2006 b. Wichita ks sedgwick co, d. Topeka ks Shawnee co, Preceded by husband L.Glenn Smith on 9-4-1941 in Wichita; 4 sisters
Snapp, M. Steinam
1880 1916 "Photo artist; Born Winchester, Va"  
Snyder, Marian
1857 1940  
Sowers, Rachel Diana
July 30, 1992 May 17, 2000 "daughter of William R. And Diana Sowers. sister of Kenny, Amanda and Emily"  
Startup, Lillian C.
1901 1922 "and son, Harry, Jr."  
Strawn, Georgia Ruth 11-22-1912 7-22-2005 b. Cainsvllle, Mo Harrison co, d. Topeka ks shawnee co, D/O George C. and Nancy Ann Harper Cordle. Georgia attended grade school at Red Cloud, Neb., and in Anderson County, and high school at Garnett. She graduated from Welda High School In 1931. She received her teachers certificate and taught at Green Lawn Elementary School in Anderson County. She worked for the state of Kansas Insurance Department from 1966 to 1973. Georgia was a Junior choir director and Sunday school teacher at Coal Creek Church in Valley Falls, where she was a member. For the past 20 years, she was a member of the First Christian Church In Topeka. She did volunteer work as a 4-H leader for several years In Jefferson County, and worked on the election boards. Georgia married a farmer and construction worker, Morris Benson Strawn, of Valley Falls, on Nov. 20, 1931, in Gamett. He preceded her in death on March 25, 1998. Survivors Include her children, Corrine and Richard Spiliman, Vernal, Utah, Maurice and Judy Strawn, Holton, and Dennis and Judy Strawn, and Beverly and Truman Nicholas, all of Topeka; seven grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.
Waymire, Thomas L., Jr 8-27-1954 11-23-2005 b. Kansas City ks Wyandotte co, d. Topeka ks Shawnee co, S/O Thomas L. Waymire and Cleotha M. Colbert Waymire. He grew up in Wichita graduating from Wichita South High School.,
Weisgerber, Frances H.
1850 1916  
West, Ellen M.
1844 1933 wife of John C. West  
West, John C.
1839 1923 husband of Ellen M.  
Wilson, Theodore F.
1844 1925  
Wyant, Nellie Marie (Watkins)
12-15-1924 3-20-2004 b. Welda Ks Anderson Co, d. Topeka Shawnee Co, Parents- Evan & Clarissa Watkins  

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