Pratt Cemetery
AKA Prather Cemetery
Drum Creek Township, Montgomery County Kansas


Canvassed by Gene and Jo Crabtree 10/1/2004 and submitted October 12, 2004.

I have found evidence that the Cemetery was originally on what was known as "Jolley Farm".

This cemetery is nicely groomed and well cared for, it is located in what was known as Drum Creek Township
My husbands family are the Dart's

There are other gravesites that are obviously sunken and several markers broken and unreadable

Driving directions:
Heading east out of Independence on Highway 160 drive approx. 2 miles, turn left on paved county road 4500, the cemetery is almost exactly 1/2 mile on the right.


Last First DOB DOD Relation to Headstone inscription Notes
Adams Charley O. 1215/1819 6/18/2004   F2 US Navy  
Clark Elizabeth   6/28/1881 wife of C.T. Clark 34 years 3 mo 11day  
Dart Amor 1869 1880 son of John W. and Margaret C.    
Dart Mary O. 1871 1880 dau of John W. and Margaret C.    
*Dart John W. 1845 1918     *John W. Dart came to Drumcreek from Illinois, I understand he was a farmer and a stock trader, he came to Drumcreek in 1871 and was one of the pioneers
Dart Margaret C. 1848 1899 wife of John W. Dart    
Dart Dollie E. 1882 1896 dau of John W. and Margaret C.    
Dart Willie M. 1884 1892 son of John W. and Margaret C.    
Dart Margaret E. 1874 1896 dau of John W. and Margaret C.    
Eckart Mary 1822  1904      
Ferguson Mary C.   4/28/1881 Dau of J.M. Ferguson 4 mo 20 days    
Goodwin Hannah J.   1/9/1883 wf of Joseph W. Goodwin 48 yr. 9 mo 6 days  
Goodwin Joseph W. 6/19/1833 3/18/1903      
Grimes Omer? G.   8/7/1884   37 years y mo 7 days  
Hamilton Shirley A. 1939 2004   Potts F.H.  
House Raymond Dale 1/10/1926 1/30/2003   PVT US Army WWII  
Hudson Thomas   1/16/1886   56 years 6 mo 6 days  
Hudson Samuel   9/2/1882   78 years 2 mo  
Hughes    Samuel B.   11/19/1888 son of C&E Hughes 23 years 9 mo 2 days  
Hughs Elizabeth 12/2/1819 4/9/1909      
*L. James M. 10/8/1868 6/101870     * This has one small stone that says J.M.L and then another upright narrow stone that has L and it couldn't be read, the very same stone had on the opposite side, Infant son- ?/22/1875- it is not the same person and this headstone is not far from the Ledman's stone inside the tree that is inside the cluster of trees, perhaps their children
  Infant   ?/22/1875      
*Ledman Henry   1/29/1883   59 years 11 mo 23 days * The Ledman's have only one headstone and it is inside a cluster of large trees, his side faces south,
hers North, this headstone is not visible to the naked eye, you have to go inside the tree clusters.
*Ledman Mary Jane   3/26/1903 wife of Henry Ledman 77 years 13 days 10 mo *On the bottom of her headstone it says "Earth has no sorrows that heaven cannot heal"
Perry Elizabeth 3/28/1849 6/18/1896 wife of J.T. Perry  Rev.VII. 14  
Poe   Mary E. 12/24/1855 2/26/1920 wife of M.D. Poe    
Daisey 4/13/1896 3/9/1901 dau of M.D. & M.E. Poe    
*Rogers Jeremy W.         *This stone was in very bad shape and could hardly be read, this was all we could get, no dates
Saxon James    4/2/1882   77 years 5 mo 1 day  
*Saxon           *This stone could not be read and Saxon could barely be made out, it is very weathered and very old
Stoops J.M.   3/25/1883    41 years 8 mo 23 days  
Tucker     Carl 1951 2003   Potts F.H.  

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