Svatopluk Cemetery
Barton County Kansas

This cemetery is located 4.5 miles straight west of Olmitz along the gravel road that follows the railroad tracks between Olmitz and Otis. From Otis (Rush county) go south out of town about 1/2 mile and go east 1.5 miles on the first gravel road.

The cemetery has thick limestone fence posts as do many of the farm fields in this area of Kansas. It is grown up with weeds but is in relatively good shape. The west half is taken up by graves and most of the east half is empty. 

Stones are listed below from east to west. Based on a visit in the summer of 2002.

Submitted by N Schlegel on December 2, 2002.
(The south east corner has 4 stones by themselves):

William Albert Wright 
Aug 20 1918 - Aug 24 1918

Broken worn stone made of limestone, appears homemade. 
Some letters remain but is unreadable.

Tomas Riedl
Zde Odpociva Tomas Riedl (here rests)
Narodil se 21 Kvet 1897 (born 21 May 1897)
A /emrel 12 Kvet 1898 (died 12 May 1898)

A Czech language translator site was used to figureout the meanings in parenthesis. 

"/emrel" probably was supposed to be "zemrel" (died)and I'm guessing is a stone carver's mistake. More evidence of this is that the carved '/' has what appears to be two wavy lines scratched into the stoneattempting to make the slash into a 'Z'.

Unmarked stone 

(Remaining stones taking up the west half):

4 unmarked stones in a row

Pizinger, Mary, 
"wife of Joseph Pizinger"
Aug 24 1841 - Jan 30 1917

Joseph Pizinger
Jan 29 1830 - Sep 26, 1937

Teareca Tuzicka 
Oct 15, 1832 - July 23, 1904

George Tuzicka

4 unmarked stones

Leda dau. of A.C. Hejny, aged 8 months"
"first one buried in this grave yard"
(also, a poem at the bottom of the stone)
"Just as the morning of her life was opening into day
the young and lovely spirit passed from earth and grief away"

Frank Hejny
Born Sep. 17, 1832 - Dec. 14, 1905
"Aged 73 yrs, 3 mos. at rest"

Here rests Eva Hejny

Infant son of T and J Pizinger
Aug 21 1897 - Aug 21 1897

3 unmarked stones

John N. Mayer "husband of Minnie"
1886 - 1930 
(has a stake just behind the headstone that says 'Veteran')

Minnie Mayer "wife of John"
1895 - 1919

Terezie Tuzicka
Sep 28, 1841 - Feb 5, 1912

Mary, wife of H.M. Brown
Died Aug 6, 1900
aged 33y 3m 25dy


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