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Boudoin Cemetery--Little Chenier,La.   Beverly Delaney
Cameron 1st Baptist Cemetery--Cameron,La.   Beverly Delaney
Chenier Perdue Cemetery--Chenier Perdue,La.   Lee Granger
Circle Cemetery--Grand Chenier,La.   Beverly Delaney
Clement Cemetery--Little Chenier,La.   Beverly Delaney
Cormier Cemetery--Biglake,La.   Petie LaBove
Crain Cemetery--Grand Chenier,La.   Petie LaBove
Doxey Cemetery--Grand Chenier,La.   Beverly Delaney
Duhon Cemetery--Hackberry,La.   Beverly Delaney
Ebenizer Baptist(LeBlanc--Bargeman)--Cameron,La.
(African American Cemetery)
  Beverly Delaney
Ellender Cemetery--Hackberry,La.   Beverly Delaney
First Cemetery in Cameron,La)   Beverly Delaney
Grand Lake Cemetery--Grand Lake,La.   Lee Granger
Granger Cemetery--Grangerville,La.   Petie LaBove
Happy Ridge (LaBove) Cemetery--Creole,La.   Lee Granger
Head of the Hollow Cemetery--Johnson Bayou,La.   Brendia Colligan
Hi-Island Cemetery--Creole,La.   Petie LaBove
Immaculate Conception Cemetery--Grand Chenier,La.   Lee Granger
Kelley-Rogers Cemetery--Cameron,La.   Lee Granger
New Hackberry Cemetery--Hackberry,La.   Brenda Colligan
McCall Cemetery--Grand Chenier,La.   Lee Granger
Miller Cemetery--Cameron La.   Beverly Delaney
Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery--Oak Grove,La.   Beverly Delaney
Our Lady of the Marsh Cemetery--Little Chenier,La.   Beverly Delaney
Our Lady Star of the Sea Cemetery--Cameron,La.   Beverly Delaney
Peshoff Cemetery--Cameron,La.   Lee Granger
Pujol Cemetery--Biglake,La.   Petie LaBove
Richard Cemetery--Creole,La.   Beverly Delaney
Rutherford Cemetery--Oak Grove,La.   Petie LaBove
Sacred Heart Cemetery--Creole,La.   Lee Granger
Small Cemetery--Little Chenier,La.   Beverly Delaney
Smith Ridge Cemetery--Johnson Bayou,La.   Lee Granger
St. Eugene Catholic Church Cemetery--Grand Chenier,La.   Beverly Delaney
St. Martin dePores Cemetery--Grand Chenier,La.
  Lee Granger
St. Rose of Lima Cemetery--Cameron,La.
  Lee Granger
St. Peter's Catholic Church Cemetery--Hackberry,La.   Brendia Colligan
Wakefield Cemetery--Cameron,La.   Lee Granger
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