Eli Robertson Cemetery in Loranger, Louisiana

Eli Robertson Cemetery Loranger, Louisiana

The Eli Robertson Cemetery is located on private property off Highway 1062 in Loranger, LA. The land was donated by Eli Robertson (1792-1836) for a family burial ground. The current caretaker is Thomas Tycer Simpson and anyone wanting to visit the cemetery must first make arrangements with him. He can be reached by e-mail: rukin123@bellsouth.net

D. T. Robertson (David Turner)

February 19, 1824 - January 15, 1895

Jake D. Tycer (Jacob Daniel)

March 19, 1853 - September 24, 1904

His many virtues form the noblest monument to His memory

Nancy I. (Isabella) Tycer

Daughter of R. W. and A. L. Tycer

August 13, 1869 - December 21, 1887

She has gone to dwell with God in Love.

Amanda L. (Lavinia) Robertson

Wife of Richard W. Tycer

January 19, 1833 - January 13, 1909

Our Mother has gone to that bright world above to be with Christ for evermore to dwell with him in Love.

Richard W. (William) Tycer

November 25, 1822 - August 28 1885

Our Father has gone to await the resurrection morn.

Margaret L. (Lavinia) Tycer

Daughter of R. W. and A. L. Tycer

March 30, 1854 - December 23, 1860

Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven

There are 19 more graves marked with cement crosses and bridal wreaths. It is believed that Eli Robertson is buried next to his son, David. It is believed that several of these other graves belong to the children of Eli Robertson and his wife, Elizabeth Webb. These include: Calvin Robertson (b. 1822); Mary Robertson (b. 1828); Martha Anne Robertson (b. 1819); Margaret Anne Robertson (b. 1826); Priscilla Anne Robertson(b.1829). The last three children all died within 12 days of each other in September 1829 probably of a contagious disease. We would appreciate hearing from anyone who who has information regarding the remaining unmarked graves or knows the names of the people buried there.

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