Smith Family Cemetery
Jackson Parish, Louisiana

The Rhode L. Smith family burial site is located near the intersection of Jackson Parish, LA roads #122 and 123.

Road #123 ends at #122, but if it were extended on straight east it would pass just north of the cemetery. The site is enclosed in a rock and cement wall with not gate. There is much new growth of wisteria and a gum tree. Only one stone is broken because of the solid wall, there being no opening animals are not able to enter. Land was owned by Continental Paper Co., when I last visited in 1986.

Submitted by Martha Bridger Gates on February 21, 2001.

Susan M.
Wife of R. L. Smith
In Hancock Co., GA.
Nov. 22, 1792
Nov. 13, 1861
Aged 68 years, 11 mos.and 21 days

As a wife devoted
As a mother affectionate
As a friend ever kind & true
In life she exhibited all the
graces of a Christian
In death her redeemed spirit
returned to God who gave it.

Rhode L. Smith
Nov. 11, 1859
Aged 78 years

Thy word is a lamp
unto my feet
and a light
unto my path.

T. C. Eiland
Sept. 15, 1815
Aug. 20, 1895

Precious one from us is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.

Weep Not For Me
Stephen S. Smith
Jan. 15, 1831
Jan. 21, 1878

In Memory of
Benjamin F. Smith
Nov. 19, 1822
Dec. 21, 1900
78 yrs. 1 mo. & 2 days

Farewell my wife and children all
From you a Father Christ doth call.
Mourn not for me, it is in vain to
Me to your sight again.

Ella Sophronia
Dau. of
B.F. and E. S. Smith
Aug. 20, 1857
April 19, 1862
Aged 4 years 5 mos. & 20 ds.

Sweet Ella unto earth
A Little while was given,
She plumed her wings for flight
And soared away to heaven.

Alice M.
Daughter of
B.F. and E.S. Smith
June 25, 1870
Aug. 20, 1882
12 yrs. 2 mos.

Sleep on Sweet Alice
and enjoy thy rest.
He called Thee home
he thought it best.

Notes: There are beautiful stones with elaborate engravings; most all are very easy to read. I have pictures of the graveyard and the stones.

Wife of Rhode L. Smith was Susan M. Eiland, born Hancock Co., GA.

T. C. Eiland is Tabitha C. Smith who married E. Eiland, a cousin.

Stephen Smith is son of Rhode L. and Susan Smith. His birth year is variously given as 1812 and 1814 in censuses, but 1831 on the gravestone.

Benjamin F. Smith son of Rhode L. and Susan Smith was born in AL. He married Emma Spencer Wilson.

Ella Sophronia is daughter of Benjamin F. and Emma S. Smith; granddaughter of Rhode L. Smith.

Alice is also a daughter of Benjamin F. and Emma Smith.

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