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***Benton Township***

Cologne United Methodist Church
(Methodist Episcopal German)

St. Bernard's Catholic Church

St. John's United Church of Christ
St. John's Reformed Church/German Reformed

Schnappsburg Cemetery
Snappsburg / German Evangelical Reformed / Zion Evangelical Cemetery

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
German Lutheran

Zion Lutheran Church

***Camden Township***

St. Mark's Lutheran Cemetery

St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran / Old Log Church

***City of Carver***

Mount Hope Cemetery
Carver Cemetery

St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery

***City of Chanhassen***

Aspden Cemetery / Pioneer Cemetery

Leach Cemetery

St. Hubert's Catholic Cemetery

***City of Chaska***

Moravian Church Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Priebe Family Cemetery

St. John's Cemetery

***Chaska Township***

Guardian Angels Catholic Cemetery

***Dahlgren Township***

East Union Lutheran Church Cemetery

Lenzen Family Burials

Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran
Arneson Cemetery / Augustana Cemetery

Preiss Cemetery

St. Nikolas Catholic Cemetery (old)

Zoar United Church of Christ
German Reformed Church

***Hancock Township***

Assumption Lake Catholic Church Cemetery

Bovy Farm Cemetery

West Union Lutheran Church Cemetery
West Union Swedish Evangelical Lutheran

***Hollywood Township***

Evangelical United Brethren

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery - Ev. L. Cemetery

***Laketown Township***

Scandia Baptist Cemetery

Zoar Moravian Church Cemetery

San Francisco Township***

Swedish Methodist


Forest Hills Cemetery Association
Norwood Public Cemetery

The Church of the Ascension (Catholic)

The Church of the Ascension (Catholic)
Burial Registers

***City of Victoria***

Lake Auburn Moravian Church Cemetery

St. Victoria's Catholic Church Cemetery

***Waconia Township***

Faith Rutz Lake Cemetery - Faith Lutheran Church Cemetery>

St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

Sudheimer / Sutheimer Family Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery

Waconia Public Cemetery

***Watertown Township***

Church of the Immaculate Conception Cemetery

Mayer Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery

St. Peter Lutheran Church Cemetery

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery - Gotaholm Congregation

Swedish Mission Church Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery

Watertown Public Cemetery

***Young America Township***

Ferguson Cemetery Association Cemetery

Reformed Church Congregation

St. Patrick's Catholic Church

St. Paul's Evangelical Reformed Church, United Church of Christ


Mau Memorial Cemetery
Norwood Young America

St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
Norwood Young America

Rodger and Stephanie Preble

sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KThis Project honors our ancestors and preserves our heritage by recording tombstone epitaphs.sil_diam.gif - 0.9 K

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If you would like to register to transcribe a cemetery for this Project, or if you already have cemetery data and would like to share that work with the world, please let us hear from you. All you have to do is email:
Rebecca Maloney
with the following information:

1. The name of the cemetery.

2. The county and state where the cemetery is located.

3. The names of the people who will be doing the transcribing.

Please be sure to always keep a copy of your file.

Most of the Cemetery Surveys, Gravestone Inscriptions and other files related to cemeteries are posted in the MNGenWeb Archives. If you have already submitted a cemetery and do not find it listed within this site please contact Rebecca.

Minnesota Tombstone Project Manager


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