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Evergreen Cemetery
Arago Township

Malvik Lutheran Cemetery
transcription of headstones
Farden Township

Jeanne Walsh

Hubbard Cemetery

Ira Benham

Akeley Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery
South Dorset

Immaculate Conception Lakeside Cemetery


Lake Emma Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery

Grace Alberg

Crandall Cemetery
Todd Twp.

Evergreen Cemetery
Hendrickson Township

Farris Cemetery
Farden Township

Green Lea Cemetery
Hart Lake Township

Lake Alice Township Cemetery

Lake George Cemetery
Lake George

Lemon Cemetery
Badoura Township

Nary Cemetery
Helga Township

Roat Memorial
Rockwood Township

St Lawrence Cemetery
Guthrie Township

St Peter Cemetery
Henrietta Township

St Theodore Cemetery
Laporte Township

Straight River Catholic Cemetery
Straight River Township

Union Cemetery
Rockwood Township

Zion Memorial Cemetery
Hart Lake Township

Darryl Hensel

White Oak Cemetery


sil_diam.gif - 0.9 KThis Project honors our ancestors and preserves our heritage by recording tombstone epitaphs.sil_diam.gif - 0.9 K

oakleaf2.gif - 1.7 KLet's work together in this endeavor!oakleaf3.gif - 2.2 K

If you would like to register to transcribe a cemetery for this Project, or if you already have cemetery data and would like to share that work with the world, please let us hear from you. All you have to do is email:
Rebecca Maloney
with the following information:

1. The name of the cemetery.

2. The county and state where the cemetery is located.

3. The names of the people who will be doing the transcribing.

Please be sure to always keep a copy of your file.

Most of the Cemetery Surveys, Gravestone Inscriptions and other files related to cemeteries are posted in the MNGenWeb Archives. If you have already submitted a cemetery and do not find it listed within this site please contact Rebecca.

Minnesota Tombstone Project Manager


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