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See USGenWeb Archives Project for Most Current Cemeteries

Amaziah Cemetery Amaziah Jonnie Maynard Jarrett
Ayers Cemetery Mike Deer
Barnett Cemetery Mike Deer
Barlett Cemetery Mike Deer
Beulah Cemetery Mike Deer
Blue Springs Cemetery Mike Deer
Candy Hill Cemetery Mike Deer
County Road 67 Cemetery Mike Deer
County Road 108 Cemetery Mike Deer
County Road 126 Cemetery Mike Deer
Darden Cemetery Mike Deer
Fairfield Cemetery Mike Deer
Folsom Cemetery Mike Deer
Gerzium Cemetery Mike Deer
Hall Road Cemetery Mike Deer
Highway 30 East Cemetery Mike Deer
Highway 30 West Cemetery Mike Deer
Ingomar Cemetery Mike Deer
Miears Cemetery Mike Deer
Mount Olivet United Methodist Cemetery Mike Deer
Mount Zion Methodist Church Cemetery See file
New Hope Cemetery Mike Deer
Oak View Baptist Church Cemetery Mike Deer
Oliver-Jackson-Milsap Cemetery Mike Deer
Pilcher Cemetery Mike Deer
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Pleasant Ridge Vicki Roach
Snider Cemetery Mike Deer
Stone Cemetery Mike Deer
Union Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery Mike Deer

The following cemeteries are listed in the
US Geological Survey web site as being in this County. Information in parenthesis ( ) indicates on which USGS map the cemetery can be found, not what community the cemetery may be in.  There are more not listed here.  Currently, there are many with no transcriptions or only partial listings in the Tombstone Project.  Please volunteer to survey these cemeteries or others you know of in the County:
  • Adair Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Amaziah Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
  • Baker Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Baker Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Baker Cemetery (New Albany West)
  • Barnett Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
  • Bell Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Bethel Cemetery (Etta)
  • Bethlehem Cemetery (Myrtle)t)
  • Carr Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Center Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Coleman Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Concord Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Damascus Cemetery (New Albany West)
  • Davis Cemetery (Myrtle)
  • Doxey Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Duncan Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Dunlap Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Ebenezer Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
  • Ellistown Cemetery (Ellistown)
  • Friendship Cemetery (Etta)
  • Givens Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Glenfield Cemetery (Myrtle)
  • Hall Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Hall Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Henry Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Hopewell Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Hoyle Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Jones Memorial Cemetery (Ellistown)
  • Lebanon Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Liberty Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Locust Grove Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Macedonia Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
  • Martin Cemetery (New Albany West)
  • McAllister Cemetery (Myrtle)
  • McGraw
  • McWhorter Cemetery (Ellistown)
  • Milsaps Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Mount Gilead Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Mount Pisgah
  • Myrtle Cemetery (Myrtle)
  • New Albany Cemetery (New Albany West)
  • New Harmony Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • New Oak Grove Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
  • Oak Plain Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Old Fredonia Cemetery (New Albany West)
  • Old Oak Grove Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
  • Old Zion Hill
  • Oliver Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Parks
  • Pass Cemetery (Etta)
  • Pine Pole
  • Pisgah Cemetery (Etta)
  • Pleasant Grove Cemetery (New Albany West)
  • Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Pleasant Ridge)
  • Red Hill Cemetery (Ellistown)
  • Roach Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Salem Cemetery (Etta)
  • Stack Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Thompson Cemetery (Ellistown)
  • Vista Memorial Park Cemetery (New Albany West)
  • Wallersville Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Wells Chapel Cemetery (Keownville)
  • Wiley Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Wilkins Cemetery (New Albany East)
  • Zion Hill Cemetery (Pleasant Ridge)
  • Zion Hill Cemetery (Myrtle)
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