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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Arden Cemetery
  William Weaver
Billingsley Cemetery
Boone Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Bragg Cemetery
Finley Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Brixey Cemetery
Finley Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Brushy Knob Cemetery
  Stephanie Sauls
Burdett Cemetery
Benton Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Clever Creek Unity (Cold Springs) Cemetery  
Judith Hutchison
Cox Cemetery
Washington Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Dailey Cemetery
Lincoln Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Day Cemetery
Washington Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Denlow Cemetery
Partial Listing
Judith Hutchison
Denlow Cemetery   Gail Brown
Denny Cemetery
Denny Cemetery #2
  Tiffany Doyle
Dogwood Cemetery
  June Weaver
Dogwood Cemetery (partial)
Lincoln Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Ellison Cemetery
Lincoln Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Ellison Cemetery #2
near Tigrus
  Linda Nixon
Evansdale Cemetery
Judith Hutchison
Fairview Cemetery (Wood Twp.)
Fairview Cemetery   Gail Brown
Fannon Cemetery (partial)
Spring Creek 
  Linda Nixon
Fannon Cemetery (Additional)
Judith Foster>
Garrison Cemetery   William Weaver
Gentryville Church of God Cemetery
Jackson Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Goforth Cemetery
Ronald G. Martin
Miller Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Goodhope Cemetery (FRIEND related burials)
Florence Friend Mallett
Goodhope Cemetery (partial)
Washington Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Hailey Cemetery
Findley Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Hall Cemetery
James Adams
Harris Cemetery
Benton Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Herrell Family Graves
Washington Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Huffman Cemetery
Buchanan Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Little Zion Cemetery
partial list
Angie Clark
Loftin Cemetery
Gwen Harrison
Maggard Cemetery
Lisa Maggard
Mathis Cemetery
Cass Twp.
  Linda Nixon
New Hope Cemetery   Gail Brown
Oak Forest Cemetery   Gail Brown
Penner Cemetery
Jay Gentry
Pleasant Hope Cemetery   Gail Brown
Shiloh Cemetery   Gail Brown
Sprague Cemetery   Gail Brown
Strunk Cemetery   Gail Brown
Sweden Cemetery   Gail Brown
Swearingen Cemetery
Spencer Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Walnut Grove Cemetery (partial)
Spring Creek Twp.
  Linda Nixon
Yates Cemetery
partial list
Teresa Marie (Hicks) Vaughn
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

REMEMBER, We Cannot Accept Copyrighted Cemetery Lists!!
If you have a book of cemetery listings published by an individual or group, the book is copyrighted and we cannot accept a list you have copied from it unless you send us the written permission of the author. We can only accept surveys of cemeteries that you have done yourself or can send us written permission from the author.

To submit a cemetery or photographs, please contact:
Missouri Tombstone Transcription Manager:

Ginger Justus

 Rebecca Maloney UsGenWeb Tombstone Coordinator

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