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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Alley Springs Cemetery
Bethany Chapel Cemetery
Chilton Cemetery
Culpepper Cemetery
Delaware Cemetery
Munsell Chapel Cemetery
New Eminence Cemetery
Old Eminence Cemetery
  Johny W Sconce
Baptist Hill Cemetery   Julie Huggins
Tombstone photos

Bethlehem Cemetery Church
Bethlehem Cemetery Marker
Ruthie M. Hamilton
America Matilda Ledgerwood
James Albert Ledgerwood
Laura Ledgerwood
Lewis Urial Ledgerwood
Marcus Lee/Nova Paralee Ledgerwood
Omie Lee Ledgerwood
William Henry Ledgerwood
William Leslie Ledgerwood
Ed L/Clemmie M Weaver
William Daniel/Laura A/Susan R/Infant Weaver

Brown-Depriest Cemetery
(Birch Tree)
Frances Rebecca Depriest Weaver

Dowler Cemetery
aka Old Baptist
(Birch Tree)
M.M. Weaver
Peter/Ann Weaver

Montier Cemetery
Montier Cemetery
George W Busby
Samuel/Martha Busby
Allen/Bernice Honeycutt
Earl Honeycutt
Everett/Anna Martin Honeycutt
Jack L Honeycutt Jr
Ola Mae Honeycutt-Smith
Thomas J/Joysee M Honeycutt
Abe/Daisy Martin
John J/Missouri Thomas
Odell/Dorene Fay Thomas
Ray/Phyllis Thomas
Evelyn E Weaver
Weaver Infant Son
Jefferson L Weaver
Lewis G Weaver
Mary E Weaver
Mary E Weaver
Samuel/Malinda A Weaver
Samuel H Weaver

Mt Zion Cemetery
Mt Zion Cemetery gate
Velma A Martin
Alcy D.L. (Sally) Weaver
Amon Weaver
Charley Weaver
Cynthia A Weaver
Floyd Clark/Dortha Mae Weaver
Floyd B/Eleanor N Weaver
Fred Oscar Weaver
G.P. (Pyrt)/Jean Stark Weaver
Hazel P Weaver
James H Weaver
James I.H. Weaver
Lelan E Weaver
L.O. (Leonard)/Elsie M Weaver
Loren E/Lavern Weaver
Peter P Weaver
Rama M Weaver
Raymond D/Ruth H Weaver
Riley H Weaver
Roy Weaver
Silas/Ollia Weaver
Thomas H Weaver

Oak Forest Cemetery
Oak Forest Cemetery gate
Ben F/Mary Weaver
Clitus Bane Weaver
Peter/Catherine Weaver

Oakside Community Church Cemetery
Oakside Community Church
Oakside Community Church Cemetery
Oakside Community Church sign
Elemeda/Samuel Hamilton
Elemeda Hamilton/closeup
Samuel Hamilton/closeup
Maude L/J.Arthur Hamilton
Vera Luce
Grassy Hollow Cemetery
Kay Warren
Lone Pine Piatt Cemetery
Union Hill Cemetery
Lea Ann Dooley
Mount Zion Cemetery
Ruth Gallion
Short Cemetery
list-Image file
Michael Pryor
Black Pond Cemetery
  Charlene Plowman
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

REMEMBER, We Cannot Accept Copyrighted Cemetery Lists!!
If you have a book of cemetery listings published by an individual or group, the book is copyrighted and we cannot accept a list you have copied from it unless you send us the written permission of the author. We can only accept surveys of cemeteries that you have done yourself or can send us written permission from the author.

To submit a cemetery or photographs, please contact:
Missouri Tombstone Transcription Manager:

Ginger Justus

 Rebecca Maloney UsGenWeb Tombstone Coordinator

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