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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Boone Creek Cemetery
Hutchason Cemetery
Sharon (Noel) Macormic
Canada Cemetery  
Audie Canida
Hardin burials
Hardin tombstone
Hardin tombstone
C. M. Clark
Altis Cemeteries
Big Creek
Big Creek Cemetery
Fowler Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery
Jarrett Cemetery
Number One
Murr Cemetery
Number One Cemetery
Providence Cemetery
Rock Springs Cemetery
Carol Boykin
Hanes Family Cemetery
Spring Hill Cemetery
Tonie Elloitt
Chapel Hill Cemetery  
Willhite Cemetery
  Georgianna Gray
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This Project is about remembering our dead and preserving our history!!!

REMEMBER, We Cannot Accept Copyrighted Cemetery Lists!!
If you have a book of cemetery listings published by an individual or group, the book is copyrighted and we cannot accept a list you have copied from it unless you send us the written permission of the author. We can only accept surveys of cemeteries that you have done yourself or can send us written permission from the author.

To submit a cemetery or photographs, please contact:
Missouri Tombstone Transcription Manager:

Ginger Justus

 Rebecca Maloney UsGenWeb Tombstone Coordinator

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