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Intructions for Submitting Transcriptions and Photos
Bentley Family Cemetery

Angela Miller
Bethlehem Church of God Cemetery
Anthony L.
Hiddenite Cemetery
Anthony L.
Lackey Graves

Derick S. Hartshorn
Land Cemetery

Gale Payne Nagy
Lynne Nagy Richards
Mt. Bethel UMC Cemetery

Carolyn M. Speagle
Mount Olive Baptist Church Cemetery

Anthony L.
Mt Pisgah Lutheran Church Cemetery Anthony L.
Mt. Wesly Wesleyn Church Cemetery
Partial Transcription

Charlene Issak
Munday Cemetery

Anthony L.
Munday-Teague Cemetery

Gale Payne Nagy
B. Lee Nagy Starlin
New Salem Presbyterian Cemetery
Taylorsville | Partial Transcription

Charlene P. Issak
New Sterling Presbyterian Cemetery

Charlene P. Issak
Old Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Smith Farm Road | Partial

Charlene P. Issak
Old Russell Gap Baptist Church Cemetery

Kathy Georgine Current
Pleasant Hill Baptist Cemetery
Anthony L.
Salem Luthern Church Cemetery
Anthony L.
Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery

Anthony L.
Taylorsville City Cemetery
Anthony L.
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