Historical Records Survey of North Carolina
Contributed by: Patrick Barrett
The survey, compiled in the 1930s & 1940s, lists only those graves dated prior to 1914.
Bailey Cemetery
Baker Cemetery
Bakersville Cemetery
Beans Creek Cemetery
Bear Creek Cemetery
Beaver Creek Cemetery
Berry-Harrison Cemetery
Filmore Blalock Family Cemetery
Bowditch Cemetery
Buchanan Cemetery #1
Buchanan Cemetery #2
Buchanan Cemetery #3
Buchanan Cemetery #4
Burleson Cemetery #1
Burleson Cemetery #2
Burleson Cemetery #3
Butler Cemetery #1
Butler Cemetery #2
Byrd Cemetery #1
Byrd Cemetery #2
Byrd Cemetery #3
Cane Creek Baptist Cemetery
Clarrissa Cemetery
Cook Cemetery
Edwards Cemetery
Fork Mountain Cemetery
Garland Cemetery
Gouge Cemetery #1
Gouge Cemetery #2
Grassy Creek Methodist Cemetery
Greene Cemetery
Grindstaff Cemetery
Grassy Creek Cemetery
Hollifield Cemetery
Howell Cemetery #1
Howell Cemetery #2
Johnson Cemetery #1
Liberty Hill Baptist Cemetery
Lilly Branch Church Cemetery
Lily Branch Missionary Baptist Cemetery
McKinney Cemetery #1
McKinney Cemetery #2
McKinney Cove Baptist Cemetery
McNeill Cemetery
Mine Creek Cemetery #1
Mine Creek Cemetery #2
Mount Carmel Baptist Cemetery
Pannell Cemetery
Parker Cemetery
Pendley Cemetery
Penland Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery #1
Phillips Cemetery #2
Phillips Cemetery #3
Pitman Cemetery
Roan Mountain Cemetery #1
Roan Mountain Cemetery #2
Russ Memorial Cemetery
Silver Chapel Cemetery
Slagle Cemetery
Snow Hill Cemetery
Spruce Pine Cemetery
Swann Cemetery
Tipton Hill Community Cemetery
Whitson Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
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