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List of Cemeteries may not be complete. Link provided if available online. Otherwise noted as "Volunteer Needed " or "Work in Progress".

  All Saints Parish Cemetery  
  Calvary Catholic Cemetery |
Section II (St.Joseph) |
Mike Heald
  Chisholm Cemetery Laura Flebbe
  Covey Cemetery aka Rosencutter Bob, Susan and Timmy Strain
  Fairview Cemetery of Owasso
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Laura Flebbe
  Jackson Cemetery  
  Lord's Cemetery Laura Flebbe
  McCoy Cemetery Laura Flebbe
  Meadowbrook Cemetery Linda Brummett 
  Oaklawn Cemetery Betty
  Osage Gardens Cemetery jodie104@juno.com
  Park Grove Cemetery  
  Pleasant Porter Cemetery Laura Flebbe
  Postoak Cemetery in Sand Springs Anthony Lee Rockefeller
  Rosehill Cemetery Betty
  Rosencutter Cemetery aka Covey Bob, Susan and Timmy Strain
  Sanger Cemetery Laura Flebbe
  Skiatook Cemetery Laura Flebbe
  Sperry Rest Haven Cemetery  
  Tullahassee Creek Nation Indian Cemetery E. Darlene Lundy-Veo
  Twin Mounds Cemetery
Twin Mounds Historical Marker
Sandra Barton
  Woodland Memorial Park
G |  S |  Megan |
E. Darlene Lundy -Veo
Judi Carlson
  White Church Cemetery  

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