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A BASIC guide to common words and phrases commonly found on Tombstones,

translated from languages likely to be encountered while researching in Pennsylvania.

Anyone who can contribute translations into additional languages,

or have additional phrases to be included, should contact


Ellis Michaels



English Lithuanian

translation contributor

Terece Gecys

January sausis
February vasaris
March kovas
April balandis
May geguze
June birzelis
July liepa
August rugpjutis
September rugsejis
October spalis
November lapkritis
December gruodis
age amzius
week savaite (nedelia)
day diena
month menuo, menesis
year metai
born gime, gimes
died mire (pasimire)
Sunday sekmadienis
Monday pirmadienis
Tuesday antradienis
Wednesday treciadienis
Thursday ketvirtadienis
Friday penktadienis
Saturday sestadienis
father tevas
mother motina
husband vyras
wife zmona, (pati)
son sunus
daughter dukte
brother brolis
sister sesuo
grandfather senelis, diedukas
grandmother mociute, bobute, senele
uncle dede
aunt teta
marriage vedybos
here rests cia (cion) ilsisi
rest gently ilsekis ramiai
rest in peace ilsekis ramybeje


     Please note that the above translations of the names of months and days of the week, as well as all the other words are in modern Lithuanian.  Many of the older tombstones in earlier Pennsylvanian cemeteries may have been inscribed with older Lithuanian names and words.


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