Watson Cemetery
Cass County

Tombstone Photographs


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southeast of Bivins, on the southeast corner of the intersection of County Roads 4336 and 4335
photos contributed by J. Edward "Bud" and Marion Josey

Ballard, Lovie Ann J. Barnett, Dr. W. H. Blair, Robert & Mary Boethel, Everett & Emma
Boyce, Beatrice Hilliard Burris, Carrie Virginia Burris, Henry Lynn Burris, John
Burris, William & Lillie Byrd, Clovis Estel Camp, James & Hattie Carver, Earnest
Carver, Mollie Cheatwood Hudson Cheatwood, Ellis E Cheatwood, Elma Waites
Clark, Albert & JoAnn Stalcup Clark, George David Clark, O W & Ludia B Decker Clark, Simon & Lonnie
Clark, W H & Sherrell Corbett, Robert L - War Daniel, A M R A Daniel, Bertha
Daniel, Bessie Daniel, Cora Daniel, Earnest Daniel, G T & R C
Daniel, George & Carrie Daniel, Gladys E Daniel, Hardy Daniel, Infant
Daniel, Ivy Daniel, J E Daniel, Jewel Franklin Daniel, Joel
Daniel, John & Ida Daniel, John T Daniel, Loda Daniel, Nolie & Lela
Daniel, S I Daniels, Lettie Canalizie Daniels, Lillie Daniels, Masuela Josephine
Daniels, Nancy J Daniels, Queen Victoria Davis, Maudie Davis, Minnie
Dodson, Clifford Dodson, Virginia B Endsley, Dailene L Fedd, Elisha & Bruin
Finn, Robert H - War Graham, Katie Harper, Amanda Iasbel Harper, Clidie
Harris, Clarence Harris, Grover C Harris, Maudie Highsmith, Henry A
Highsmith, Ouida Highsmith, W H & Abrillia Hill, Abner & Margaret Hill, Audie P
Hill, Children of Ivy & Lucy Hill, Clara E Hill, Eddie F Hill, Ennis
Hill, Fred H Hill, Green Berry & Savedia Hill, Hardy & Gladys Hill, Ivy & Lucy Jones
Hill, J Tommie Hill, James Albert Hill, Jimmy Dan Hill, Joe L
Hill, Joseph & Dora Hill, Maranda Hill, Ollie Hill, Rabie Lew
Hill, Robert N Hill, Wyley & Eva Hilliard, Mike Paige Hilliard, Mike Paice - War
Hosey, Elizabeth Hull, Edward & Elizabeth Hyatt, Daniel Franklin Hyatt, Daniel Franklin
Johnson, Joyce Moody Jones, Allen Hurd Jones, Billy Wayne Karr, Celia Anna
Long, Alfred Harvey & Beulah Lowe, John & Edna Waites Lynch, J W Lynch, Laura
Lynch, R J Maxcy, J B Maxie, David & Alice Maxie, John B
Moore, D R & Nancy Lard Norton, Ollie H Ogden, Harold Lloyd Ogden, Harry & Roxie
Osburn, Ernest & Merlene Osburn, Millie J Pace, Robert J Pace, Robert & Mable Parker
Parker, B W Parker, Joe & Katie Parker, Martha J Peacock, Earn & Corine
Peacock, Lee Darrell Peacock, Minor & Della Peacock, Rufus F Ransom, Jay & Leona
Ransom, Jay D Rester, Nancy J Sheppard, Earlton Sheppard, Henriett
Shepphard, Alba Elizabeth Smith, J W Smith, M A Terrell, Nathon Chief
Tollerson, Arthur S Tolleson, Cone & Lucy Tolleson, Lula Tolleson, Ruth Annie
Tolleson, Sonie Waites, Ann Waites, Britt & Ollie Waites, Infant Daughter
Waites, James & Opal Gunn Waites, James Edgar Waites, Joe Waites, Josiah & Tabitha Hill
Waites, Lonnie & Naomi Waites, Luree Waites, M T Waites, Paul & Melba
Waites, Ruby Lee Waites, Rufus Amos Waites, Samuel Allen Waites, V H
Waites, Valentine & Dora Hill Waites, William & Ellena Waits, Donnie Robert Waits, Josiah H
Walker, Era & Victor Walker, Frank & Harriett Walker, J O Walker, James D
Walker, M L Walker, Mitchell Walker, Morris Walker, O A
Walker Wall, Infant Daughter Wall, Infant Son Watson, Ekizabeth
Watson, Lewis E Watson, Lewis Watson, Pollie Webb, David Leither
Whitehorn, Infant Daughter Wiggins, Wemer Wilcox, Charles & Anna Wilcox, Charles Homer
Wilcox, Danny David Wilcox, Mamie Pauline Wilcox, Omalee Williams, James C

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