Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
Gillespie County

Tombstone Photographs


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Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
 Ronnie & Lewis Westfall
Welcome to Trinity Cemetery - Information Stone
Cemetery View 1
Cemetery View 2
Cemetery View 3
Ahrens, Herman C. & Elsa Brodreck
Barsch, Nora
Behrens, Adolph H.
Behrends, Lee Roy & Darlene Welge
Behrens, Dale & Gardenia
Behrens, Erwin
Behrens, Edwin
Behrends, Daniel Kay
Benner, Alvin & Catherine Reynolds
Bindseil, Alvin W. H. & Paula H. 
Birck, August & Emilie Peese
Bohls, Beth Boyce & Lydia Lindig
Brodbeck, Emil Heinrich
Burg, Adolph R. & Ella
Burg, Son of Mr. & Mrs.Adolph Burg
Danz, Tommie
Danz, Verdie
Duecker, Raymond
Eckhardt, Herman & Olivia
Filter, Dorathea Krull
Hahne, Kermitt & Tillie Ahrens
Hartmann, Chester & Elsa
Hartmann, Sarah Rose
Haun, Edison Louis
Immel, William & Willehmine Lindig
Itz, Edwin & Anna A. Wilke
Jacoby, Catherine
Jacoby, Herman & Mary H.
Jacoby, Lee H. & Emma
Jacoby, Martha & Margerette
Jacoby, Clarence P., Sr. & Vera T.
Jacoby, Wesley L. & Mary S.
Jacoby, Peter
Knoll, Ernest F.
Kramer, Elmer L. & Patricia E.
Lindig, Erna E., Erwin L. & Ruth L.
Lindig, Edna T.
Lindig, Christian & Augusta
Lindig, Otto C. & Amanda Schumann
Lindig, Sophie Adele
Lindig, Emil W. & Ida W. 
Lindig, Willie H. & Anna
Lindig, Steven Max son of Ernst & Mathilde
Lindig, Eugene A. & Annie Pearl Schumann
Lindig, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lindig
Lindig, Alfred Louis
Lindig, Edwin & Natalie Merz
Lindig, Walter O. H. & Pauline
Maenius, Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Maenius
( Photo 2 )
Maenius, George & Catherine
Marquart, Erwin & Christine Wilke
Marquart, Erwin (Military)
Mayer, Ferdinand & Ruby Mayer Deike
Mayer, Sophie G. M.
Mayer, Augusta & Ferdinand
Meckel, August & Emma
Meier, Lester
Mier, Johannas
Mier, Ernst
Meir, Albert, Sr. & Anna
Merz, J. Francis & Dorothy
Neilsen, Emilie
Neilsen, Andreas & Bolette
Ottmers, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Levi W. Ottmers
Sager, Ashley Thomas
Schumann, Werner H. & Hildegard E.
Weirich, Marvin & Linda
Wilke, Margaret Emma

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