Bridges Cemetery
Rusk County

Tombstone Photographs


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Bridges Cemetery
Tina Gregg
Adams, E C Jack
Adams, E C Jack
Adams, Jewel B
Bishop, Minnie M
Born, Clyde M
Bowden, Jerry W
Bridges, Ansel & Sybil
Bridges, Cecil C
Bridges, Cosper & Mary
Bridges, Dora E
Bridges, Easter
Bridges, Euphphrasia
Bridges, Edmond & Amelia
Bridges, Fannie J
Bridges, Florance
Bridges, Francis & Mary
Bridges, George C
Bridges, Infant Son
Bridges, Jack & Emie
Bridges, J C A & Mary
Bridges, J J & Murtie
Bridges, James C
Bridges, John W
Bridges, John & Fannie
Bridges, John & Tulia
Bridges, Melvin & Ines
Bridges, Ross W
Bridges, Tom & Thelma
Bridges, Wesley & Mary
Bridges, Willie & Eula
Brooks, Angela D
Brooks, Audie & Stella
Brooks, Jesse & Mary
Brooks, Vernon & Robbie
Brooks, William & Faye
Broome, Hearshel C
Broome, Pearl & Maude
Buckalew, Adell E
Buckner, Eli & Eliza
Burchett, Robert & Frances
Cain, Chester & Ruby
Cain, Nathan & Martha
Camp, Mary E
Camp, William S
Chapman, Arthur & Fannie
Chapman, James & Mary
Chapman, Roy J
Chapman, Thomas V
Chapman, Vertie B
Chapman, William & Frances
Clifton, Horace & Ruby
Clifton, Lula B
Corenblith, Patricia A
Duran, Jay & Jessie
Ellis, Aubry C
Ellis, Velma P
Emmons, Clarence & Bonnie
Emmons, J D
Fears, Harvey & Annie
Fears, Joe R
Futch, Clifford W
Futch, Lee & Sue
Futch, M A
Futch, N A & Sallie
Futch, Saul A
Futch, William & Eula
Garrison, Ed & Bonnie
Garrison, George E
Garrison, George & Annette
Garrison, Infant Son
Garrison, James C
Garrison, James & Essie
Garrison, John E
Garrison, Smith L
Garrison, W A & Mary
Garrison, William R
Gossett, Curtis & Emma
Gossett, Dea & Nona
Gossett, Fred & Lela
Harris, Fannie M
Harris, Mays H
Hertler, Emanuel & Imogene
Hillin, Frank & Gretchen
Holman, Buddy & Marceline
Holman, Tommy & Evie
Howard, Thomas & Ida
Jimmerson, Albert & Geraldine
Jimmerson, George & Era
Jimmerson, Ross & Ethel
Judkins, Lee & Ethel
Kimmey, Charles & Doris
Kimmey, Karl
Langston, Edward L
Langston, Winnie B
Leslie, James B
Lowrie, Charles B
Lowrie, Charles B
Lowrie, Flora
Lowrie, George R
Lowrie, James & Maggie
Lowrie, Mary K
Maddox, Cleo D
Maddox, Don M
Maddox, Eddie L
Maddox, Josie B
Maddox, Ross
Mars, Leah A
Mims, Glenda S
Mitchell, John & Opal
Oliphant, Eva
Pate, Grice
Patterson, Aubrey & Ethel
Patterson, Bud & Linda
Patterson, James & Louise
Pettigrew, Patricia A F
Phillips, David & Minnie
Phillips, Eddie & Zedie
Phillips, Emma W
Phillips, John L
Phillips, John W
Phillips, Jonelle
Phillips, W J
Phillips, William & Anna
Phillips, Zera
Ping, Edward & Grace
Posey, Edward & Bernice
Reed, Cornelius & Stella
Reynolds, Travis & Patsy
Rice, George T
Roan, Shaderick H
Shumate, Fred & Janie
Simpson, Hays & Nelwyn
Simpson, Margie
Simpson, Monnie & Mable
Smith, Albert & Ora
Smith, Albert & Vivian
Smith, Arnold & Betty
Smith, Henry L
Smith, J Frank
Smith, Jack W
Smith, James H
Smith, James R
Smith, Leta M
Smith, Mary E
Smith, Mary N F
Smith, Nina M
Smith, Russell & Julia
Smith, Russell & Verna
Smith, Tom & Ruby
Smith, Woodrow & Mary
Snelgrove, Arthur G
Snelgrove, Gene & Genie
Snelgrove, George H
Snelgrove, J B & Georgia
Snelgrove, Rade & Coystal
Snelgrove, Ralph W
Stone, Charlie & Corine
Stone, Dorothy
Stone, Infant
Stone, Travis & Kathryn
Taylor, Edd & Lucile
Taylor, Ernest E
Taylor, Florence C
Taylor, J D & Zella
Taylor, Melissa L
Taylor, Tom W
Taylor, Troy E
Truelock, Henry & Essie
Welch, Jeffery & Timothy
Williams, Clifford P
Williams, Dorothy P
Williams, Robert M
Wyatt, Ada
Wylie, A W & Louise
Wylie, Elmer & Maud
Wylie, Elva L
Wylie, Emma R
Wylie, F M & Mattie
Wylie, Frances
Wylie, Frances B
Wylie, George & Carrie
Wylie, J B Jr
Wylie, J B Joe
Wylie, James & Sarah
Wylie, Kellie E
Wylie, Mack & Nellie
Wylie, Melvin
Wylie, Otho F
Wylie, Ray & Earline
Wylie, Ross
Wylie, Russell E
view 2
Wylie, Samuel & Betty
Wylie, Sudie
Wylie, Taylor & Iva
Wylie, William & Nellie

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