Chalk Hill Cemetery
Rusk County

Tombstone Photographs


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Chalk Hill Cemetery
Carolyn Green
Gate Sign Monument View2
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Cemetery View Cemetery View Beckwith, Kenneth F.
Bowers, Maude Bryant, Margaret F. Harper Cantrell, Alan Meredith Pepper
View 2
Capps, Dana E. Chamness, Tina Marie Chevallier, Joe F.
Collins, Edith Joy Corley, James Rudolph
View 2
Cox, Virginia
Cravey, Gladys P. Harper Davis, Douglas Gene Davis, James Larry "Thumbs"
Davis, Jerry & Fay E. Davis, Laura Lynn Davis, Lorene
Davis, Raymond Davis, Tommie Davis, Tracie Kay
Ferrell, Steve R. Flanagan, Russell D.
View 2
Flanagan, Russell Dale, II
Floyd, Robert Glenn Freeman, Delbert Artamus & Roxie L. Kimbrough Freeman, J. D. & Inez
View 2
Freeman, Jeraldine Joy Freeman, Marcus T. Freeman, Noah & R Laverne
View 2 View 3
Freeman, Prentiss "Dick" Freeman, Ronnie Allen
View 2
Freeman, Russell Allen
Freeman, Wiley R. & Dessie L.
View 2 View 3
Furr, Willie Mae Geffert, Joe A.
Graham, Lela Alvie Gray, Buford Gray, Homer
Gray, Ida F. Gray, Walter Halliburton, Anthony A. "Tony"
Halliburton, Richard A. Hammond, Della L. Harper, J. William
Harper, Mary E. Harper, Ola Mae Harper, Thomas Benjamin
View 2
Harper, William B. Hodges, Finus Aaron Hodges, Ramona E.
Huffman, Rupert Dale Johnson, Orville C.
View 2
Jones, Rena Freeman
Jones, T. W. Keith, John Moscoe, Jr.
View 2
Kirl, Charles Breaux
Kulig, Jeffrey G. Latham, Doris Mangum, Maudie Riley
Martin, Mary Lois McNew, Ben J. Jr.
View 2
Merchant, Emma B.
Merchant, John H. & Allyne
View 2 View 3
Munden, James Clausen & Pauline Lovie
View 2 View 3 View 4
Nix, California Davis
Nix, Charlie Elmer & Nettie Lee
View 2
Parker, James T. "Walter"
View 2
Parker, Jerry W.
View 2
Pepper, Bruce W. Pepper, Earnest Lee Pepper, Elisha
& Clara
Pepper, George H. & Allyne
View 2
Pepper, James Guy Pepper, Norman & Jaxine Boyette
Pepper, Johnny Wayne & Lois Diane Pepper, Melody Ann Pepper, Noel Sampson & Joy Fay Kelley
View 2
Pepper, Ronnie Joe
View 2
Pepper, Ross Vail & Bertha N. Pepper, Terry Kadair
Pepper, Waymon D. & Ollie Mae
View 2
Powers, Johnny Lee, Sr. Prior, Oliver I.
View 2
Ray, Royce
View 2
Reynolds, John Troy "J.T." Richardson, Thurman C. & Tylene Anne
View 2
View 3
View 4
Riley, Thomas Padon Rinehart, Peggy L. Rouse, Lois Latham
Sartain, John Franklin Senn, Don F. Sharp, Baby
Sharp, Rufus & Minnie Sharp, William & Allie Smeltzer, Eddie
View 2
Smith, Mary Lou Snead, Mary Florence Stanley, Gladys I.
Stephens, Sylvia Thompson Strong, Albert Thomas & Grace Maud Strong, J. C.
Strong, Wade Edward Strong, William C. & Susie W. Swaty, Michael Wayne
Taylor, Roy Amos
View 2
Thompson, Carolyn Jannett Thompson, John & Emily P.
Thompson, Perry & Flora L. Moore
View 2
View 3
Tiner, Melvin Jack Unknown
Vinson, child Waits, Baby Waits, Baby
Waits, Paulina Waits, Ruth Wilkerson Waits, T. J.
Waits, Thomas Joe Walker, William Thomas Watson, Henry Grady
View 2
Whitaker, Douglas F. & Nelwyn T. Wilkerson, Lee Arnold Wilkerson, Pearl H.
Wilkinson, Henry T. Wilson, Effie Lorene Wilson, Gilbert J.
Wilson, Glen Cecil Wilson, Lee F.
View 2
Wilson, Mary J.
Wilson, Sanford E.    

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