Chapel Hill aka Trammell Cemetery
Rusk County

Tombstone Photographs


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Trammell Cemetery
Carolyn Green
Adams, Emma
Adams, Walter Jim
Alexander, Curtis T.
Alexander, Harlan Royce
Barr, Aus & Celia
Barr, Bessie
Barr, D?u??as
Barr, Malissa Clay
Barr, Mary
Barr, Walter & Ola
Barr, Willie & Dorothy
Barr, Willie Jr.
Blacklock, Charlie
Blacklock, George E. Sr.
Blacklock, George E.
Blanton, William G.
Blanton, William R.
Bobbie G.
Booty, Alice
Booty, Curtis A.
Booty, Ollie Venera
Booty, Roxie
Booty, Royal
Brown, Cleveland Earl & James Earl
View 2
Carey, Roy
Carey, Willie
Cato, Annie Mae
Clay, Arthur A. & Stella L.
Clay, Chester
Clay, Grady & Lula M.
View 2
Clay, Homer & Emma
Clay, Jessie
Clay, Johnny
Clay, Lobis
Clay, Mary
Daniels, Aline
Davis, Mayme L.
Davis, Ollie D.
Deckard, Susie B.
Finley, Curtis C. & Roeaner
Fite, Aria
Gamble, Lurline Gray
Garland, Shirley Bradley
Gibson, Jeraldeen Humphrey
Gray, Annie Lou
Gray, D. C. & Susie
Gray, Dock
Gray, Finist Dee
Gray, James
Gray, Jessie L. & Mollie
Gray, Rev. Percy L.
Gray, Peter & Victoria
Gray, Thomas, Sr. & Gray, Leean
View 2
Gray, Walter F. "Kid" & Elener Wright
Gray, W. R. & Pearl
Grey, Emma
Harris, Rose
Hightower, Amos & Walter
Hightower, Arremiax
Hightower, Elizabeth
Hightower, Jimmy Wayne
Hightower, Lewis
Hightower, Loberist
Humphrey, Alice H.
Humphrey, Curtis & Esther M.
Humphrey, Rev. Dewitt
Humphries, Jimmie Lewis
Humphrey, John & Virginia
Humphries, Lewis
Humphries, Marcie
Humphries, Nettie
Humphries, Rade & Woodie
Humphries, Robert F. & Mary M.
Humphries, Rufus E.
Isaac, Thomas
Isaac, William R. & Lura V.
Johnson, Lenora Barr
Johnson, Lorene Peterson
Johnson, Mattie Waldon
Jones, Ida Gray
Jones, March
Lewis, Ambrose
Lewis, George
Lewis, Infant
Lewis, James Orville
Lewis, Tennessee
Lewis, Walter Rutherford & Alice Lyons
Mapps, Bertha Mae
Mapps, Ernest & Earsie
Mapps, Florence
Mapps, John
Mapps, Nora
Mapps, Walter
McKinley, Rosa
Menefee, Edith
Menefee, Etie
Menefee, Hobert
Menefee, Jimmie Lee
Menefee, John W.
Menefee, Luberta
Menefee, Son
Menefee, Wesley & Mary Ann
Moss, Tommie Lorene
Newberry, Corene
Newberry, William
Odum, Johnny
Odum, William Hue
Odum, William J. & Annie L.
Parris, C. B. & Marie M.
Peterson, Bennie F
Peterson, Delmer & Clara
Peterson, Ike Ivery
Peterson, J. D.
Pollard, Audrey Opal
Pollard, Darrell
Pollard, Lora
Pollard, Mary
Pollard, Permella Eulalia
Pollard, Robert Emerson
Pollard, Rogers
Pollard, William & Emma
Ray, Albeta
Reese, Alphonza
Reese, Cotrell & Toeo
Reese, Dan
Reese, Dora
Reese, John
Reese, H of J Luvenia
Reese, Minnie
Reese, Otis
View 2
Reese, Preston & Mercie Dee
Sizer, Vera Clay
Smith, Cecil Blanton
Smith, Levi
Smith, Nellie
Starling, Baby Boy
Starling, Eunice M.
Teal, Rosie
Thompson, James
Thompson, Jim
Thompson, Louise
Tremble, Selia Bell
Tremble, Wilmer Forrest
Trimble, Lizzie
Waldon, Arder & Emma
Waldon, Aron
Waldon, Lee
Waldon, Neeley
Waldon, Ocie
Walice, Bertha
Walton, Ada
Walton, Bill J. & Nettie Lee
Walton, Claudia
Walton, Earnest D. Sr.
Walton, Elnora
Walton, Emma Lee
Walton, Georgia
Walton, Leona
Walton, Manuel
Walton, Rose A.
Ware, Sarah
Wells, Beatrice
Whetstone, Christene
View 2
Whitten, Alice
Williams, Lawrence
Wright, A. B.
Wright, Harrison
Wright, Henry & Mary Elizabeth
Wright, John D.
Wright, Willie C. & Mary Pollard
Young, Addie

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