Cool Spring Cemetery
Rusk County

Tombstone Photographs


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Cool Spring Cemetery
Gina Heffernan &
Vince King
- partial
One of the fenced areas
A broken stone
Two unknowns
Brush and trees are breaking the stones
A broken stone
Atcheson, Samuel J
Brown, Elizabeth L
View 2
Brown, H H
Brown, S E
Brown Plot
View 2
Compton, Infant
Compton, Jesse V
Compton, Martha
Compton, Tommie A
Compton, W C
Forman, Ben
Forman, Elizabeth M
View 2
Hardwick, A C
Hardwick, W L
Harmon, Eller
Harmon, Hughey A
Harmon, James
Harmon, John
Harmon, John W
Harmon, M A
Harmon, M M
Harmon, M S
Harmon, Martha E
Harmon, Nancy
Harmon, Orrie
Heath, Laura M
Hodges, Jesse D
Hodnett, B F
Holman, P A & Annie F
Hopkins, Jessie N W
Irwin, Anna F L
Irwin, G A
Irwin, H B
Irwin, Infant
Irwin, Infant Dau
Irwin, Infant Son
Irwin, Mary A
Irwin, O H
Johnson, Samuel
McKnight, D A
View 2
McKnight, Elizabeth
McKnight, Livy
McKnight, Louisa
McKnight, Ophelia
McKnight, Reubenia
McKnight, S W
 Newsom, L
Newsom, Nancy
Quinn, Julia A
Quinn, Uriah
Simmons, Eliza J N
Simmons, John
View 2
Stewart, Clarence L
Watkins, J R
Watkins, M E

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