Crow Cemetery
Rusk County

Tombstone Photographs


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Crow Cemetery
Carolyn Green
Andrews Clifford
Armstrong Arlevia
Armstrong J Ceborn
Atkinson D E & Dorothy M
Boodell Harold H & Mavis L 01
Boodell Harold H & Mavis L 02
Brown W R & Mable C
Burnett Lee J & Mary E 1
Burnett Lee J & Mary E 2
Burnett Lee J & Mary E 3
Burnett Ruby Lee
Cauley B D
Clary George G Jr 01
Clary George G Jr 02
Crow Abel M & Allie M
Crow D P & Mary M
Crow Dale G
Crow Hardy Jewel
Crow John Hardy
Crow John R
Crow Lois Jane
Crow Moses C
Crow Moses M & Lucinda J
Crow N E
De Armon W C
Dennis Robert Lee
Diamond Nancy 1
Diamond Nancy 2
Ferguson William P & Mattie M
Flanagan Ambrose & Sophronia
Flanagan H B & Billie J 01
Flanagan H B & Billie J 02
Flanagan H B & Billie J 03
Flanagan H B & Billie J 04
Flanagan Horace B & Evie L 01
Flanagan Horace B & Evie L 02
Flanagan Horace B & Evie L 03
Flanagan Jerry J & Billie L 01
Flanagan Jerry J & Billie L 02
Flanagan Jerry J & Billie L 03
Flanagan Monroe
Garner Shelton W & Dorothy T
Goss L W & Pauline
Gothard Dewitt & Jeannine B 01
Gothard Dewitt & Jeannine B 02
Gothard Donald E
Gothard Donita
Gothard John Howell
Gothard John S & Daisy D 01
Gothard John S & Daisy D 02
Gothard John S & Daisy D 03
Gothard Lurline
Gothard Robert H
Gothard Searcy & Frances R 01
Gothard Searcy & Frances R 02
Gothard Uneeda Brunt
Green Arthur A
Green Doyle
Green Kenneth Wayne
Hardy Mabel Lois
Harris Mary Jane
Hunt J M & Mattie
Jimerson Bonnie
Jimerson Delma
Jimerson G Cleve & Audie B
Jimerson Gwenell
Jimerson Homer T
Jimerson James
Jimerson Lula G
Jimerson Mike
Jimerson Monroe
Jimerson Pearl Phillips
Jimerson Prentice O
Jimerson Virdell P
Jimerson Wallace & Mardell 01
Jimerson Wallace & Mardell 02
Jimerson Wallace & Mardell 03
Jimerson William Odell
Jimmerson Angus L
Jimmerson Betty Wood
Jimmerson Clyde
Jimmerson D R & Mary
Jimmerson James M
Jimmerson Minnie L
Jimmerson Romalus
Johnson Betty Craig
Kurtz Fred J
Lair Robert Andrew
Lemmons James 1
Lemmons James 2
Lightfoot George E & Mattie
Marshall Bob & Lizzie 01
Marshall Bob & Lizzie 02
Marshall Bob & Lizzie 03
Marshall Lewis C
Marshall Robert E & Opal M
McCauley Annie Mae
McCauley Ben F
McCauley Carrie
McCauley Charley C
McCauley Eliza
McCauley Elmer Benson
McCauley Father
McCauley Gladys
McCauley John H
McCauley John Langston
McCauley John R
McCauley Johney F
McCauley Uncle
Montag Family
Moore Amos H & Grace T
Moore George W & Rubye S
Morris Effie Amos
Nelson Aenold J & Mildred L 1
Nelson Aenold J & Mildred L 2
Nelson Aenold J & Mildred L 3
Nelson Aenold J & Mildred L 4
Nix Amy
Nix Harvey
O Banion Betty June W
O Banion Dennis Emile 01
O Banion Dennis Emile 02
Phillips C M & Ida B
Phillips C W & Lena R 01
Phillips C W & Lena R 02
Phillips C W & Lena R 03
Phillips C W
Phillips Caleb
Phillips Charles A
Phillips Charles & Phena 01
Phillips Charles & Phena 02
Phillips Charles & Phena 03
Phillips J W & Nora
Phillips J W
Phillips Lola E
Phillips M E
Phillips Ted
Porter Hoy Sybil 01
Porter Hoy Sybil 02
Porter Jerry Jack
Propes Augustus H & M Jeanette
Propes Edward Carroll
Propes Howard L
Propes James A & Mary E
Propes James Fonza
Propes Leo & Billie N
Propes Ozzie & Denva 01
Propes Ozzie & Denva 02
Propes Ozzie & Denva 03
Propes Sammy
Propes Wanda Jill
Roscoe Wally 01
Roscoe Wally 02
Rountree Virgil T 01
Rountree Virgil T 02
Rushton C M & Mollie V
Rushton Dennis A
Rushton Eugenia
Rushton Infant Son
Rushton Sam J & Mintie
Scott Elbert P
Sims Ola Cora
Skelton Ada
Skelton E G
Skelton Ottis & Geraldine 01
Skelton Ottis & Geraldine 02
Skelton Ottis & Geraldine 03
Skelton Ottis W & Hattie B
Smart Lee Fanny
Smith Edward A & Blanche M 01
Smith Edward A & Blanche M 02
Smith Edward A & Blanche M 03
Smith Infant Daughter
Smythe Cora & Sims Ola
Stone Robert L & Mary I
Tillison Arter O & Lola B
Tillison Baby 01
Tillison Baby 02
Tillison Donald M
Tillison Frances
Tillison Grady W & Emma D
Tillison Graham F & Ivy B
Tillison Infant Son
Tillison Jewel
Tillison Johnny
Tillison Judie
Tillison Loe Echol
Tillison R F & Lela
Tillison Rube F & Idema D
Tillison W G & Loma M
Tipps Earnest T & Nannie 01
Tipps Earnest T & Nannie 02
Townsend Jan
Turner Johnny Earl
Ventresca Frances M Lennie
Wallace Thomas A Della E
Wheelis M J 01
Wheelis M J 02
Wheelis W W 01
Wheelis W W 02
Wherry William A Virginia F

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