St. Peters

Contributed by Mary Zucker
Cemetery Tablet[text]
Barrows, E. Russell [text]
Beulah, Myra  (see Sorrell, Walter) 
Brunell, George [text]
Brunell, Henry and Jennie [text]
Cyr, Aubin [text]
Cyr, Leonard Phillip [text]
Cyr, Leonard, Doris [text]
Cyr, Martin, Florence [text]
Cyr, J. William, Rose A. [text]
Cyr And Bissonnette, Aubin and Malvina [text]
Cyr And Forrest, Dustin And Mabel [text]
Cyr Andrew J., Anna Gordon, Angelina [text]
Cyr, Sharrow, Philip, Annette [text]
Daigneault, Joseph, Adaline [text]
Daigneault, Willfred G. [text]
Daigneault, Leonard M., Evelyn M. [text]
Daigneault, Oliver, Campbell, John L. And Freda, Jennie, Celia [text]
Danyew, Myers, Oliver, Mary [text]
Danyew, Stebbins, Hartwell, Grant, Daisy, Melvina [text]
Danyow, Bertha, Arthur [text]
Danyow, George [text]
Danyow, Elizabeth, John [text]
Danyow, Louis, Lucy [text]
Danyow, Ralph H., Dorothy A. [text]
Danyow, Laura Jarvis, George F.,  Gladys E. Warner [text]
Danyow, Chadwick, Henry, Mildred, Laura
Devoid, Isaac [text]
Devoid, Olive [text]
Devoid, Frederick J., Charlotte L. [text]
Devoid, Francis, Meader M., Evelyn O.
Domino, Danyow, Peter, Sophia [text]
Douglass, Adams, Charles, Mary [text]
Douglass, Henry J. [text]
Douglass, Chamberlain, Benjamin J., Frances P. [text]
Douglass, Grannel, Casimir, Julia, Cassie, Edward, Miles, Eliza, Mary [text]
Douglass, James, Julia[text]
Douglass, Nicholas, Mary Ann, Nicholas [text]
Fortin, Cyr, Jean R., Illean [text]
Hamel, Amanda
Hamel, Croteau, Signor, Aubert, Arthur J., Harriet, Mary [text]
Hamel, Markey, Aubert J., Catherine E. [text]
La Flam, Rushlow, Edward P., Lillian M. [text]
La Flam, Shortsleeve, Louis, Helen [text]
Larrow, Mary Sears [text]
Little, Ernest F. [text]
Oliver, Daigneault, Albert A., Lena A. [text]
Russell, Edith Danyew [text]
Sears, Arthur W. [text]
Sears, Arthur W., Marguerite H. [text]
Sears, Marguerite [text]
Sears, Buckman, Edward, Jessie, Edna,  Cora[text]
Sears, Garapy, James, Rose[text]
Sears, Gebo, Remele, Edward, Clement, Clara, Marion [text]
Sears, Maloney, Ralph, Harold, Loretta, Elaine, Gavin [text]
Sears, Maloney, Ralph, Harold, Loretta, Elaine, Gavin  (side 2)[text]
Sorrell, Dolphus, Talry, Walter[text]
Sorrell, Ethel, Edward[text]
Sorrell, Devoid, William J., Celia M.[text]
Sorrell, Domino, Charles O., Carrie [text]
Sorrell, Shepard, Cross, Walter, William, Beulah, Myra [text]

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