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Amos-Power Family Cemetery
Rockville (Vontay)
Owned by Kenny & Kathy Poe located
at 12061 Pinhook Road

Gene Toler
Bazile Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Berea Baptist Church Cemetery    
Beulah Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
“Big Oaks” and Big Oaks Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Cold Harbor National Cemetery
Joy Fisher
Elon Baptist Church Cemetery David Hartley
Old Gardner Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Goodman Family Cemetery   Roger L. Goodman
Goodman/Harris/Tate Cemetery
Roger L. Goodman
“Long Row” and Fulcher Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Maynard Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Old Macon Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Old Ridge Road Cemetery
Louis McBride
Sheppard Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery
Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery (Part 2)
  Roger L. Goodman
“Shrubbery Hill” Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
St. Peter's Church Cemetery

Christy Cox
Thompson Cemetery
Joan Renfrow
Toler-Hicks-Fry Cemetery
Gene Toler

Toler Family Cemetery

Gene Toler
Winns Church Cemetery
Faye Tiller Morgan
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