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King County Cemeteries

The list of King County cemeteries was complied by Kevin Fraley and others from published references, including the US Geological Survey, and augmented by other information. This list should not be considered complete. If you know of any cemeteries inside King County not shown here, please let me know of them.

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Locations shown are given in the Township and Range System of the Federal Land Survey (the legal description). The physical address is also listed, if known.

Please note! This is NOT a lookup or query service! This is a transcription/photo project. Names and e-mail addresses of Volunteers are provided so that you can offer to help them with their work. Do not ask them to do your research for you, and please do not send them inappropriate messages.

Any cemetery with only a partial listing is up for adoption so that we may have a complete listing.

To volunteer to transcribe a cemetery and/or take tombstone photos, please register with The USGenWeb Tombstone Project - Washington State Manager so that no one is duplicating work already being done.

To learn about transcribing a cemetery, please read the instructions for surveying a cemetery.

To learn about taking and submitting photos to the project, please read the instructions for taking and submitting photos.

If you have completed a transcription or photos to submit, you can use the links to the left to use our automatic forms 1, automatic forms 2 or automatic forms 3 or you can send the submission to the project manager.

All transcriptions sent to the USGenWeb Tombstone Project are stord in the USGenWeb Archives.
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Email Registry For Contributors
Any time you see this symbol
The Registry next to a name, they have registered their e-mail address at The Registry. This will be their current address.

To go to transcriptions, click on the Underlined Cemetery name
To go to photos, click on the camera

To adopt a cemetery to transcribe or to take tombstone photos please see above

Cemeteries in Seattle

All other Cemeteries in King County

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