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*A* Cemeteries
Adkins, Adkins Family, Alexander/Amos, Alexander, Alford (I & II), Allen, Asbury, Ashworth, Atkeson

David McCallister
Allen Cemetery
Cheryl C. McCallister
Asbury Cemetery
Ronald E. Asbury
Asbury Family Cemetery
Crystal Clark
*B* Cemeteries
Bailey-Smith-Thompson, Bailey-Tucker-Thomas, Barnett's Chapel, Bays, Beaver, Beech Grove, Bess, Big Cherry, Billups/Ashworth, Bird, Bird Family, Black Family, Blake, Bowles Memorial, Bowles, Bridgeman, Brisco, Brown (I & II), William M. Brown, Buffalo Baptist, Buffalo Memorial, Buffalo Methodist, Burch, Burdett, Burford, Burns, Burnside, Burton (I & II), Buzzard

David McCallister
George W. Bailey Cemetery
Crystal Clark
Bailey/Clark Cemetery
Crystal Clark
Big Pine Cemetery
Crystal Clark
Black Cemetery

B Black
Britton Cemetery
Crystal Clark
Brown/Harper Cemetery
Crystal Clark
*C* Cemeteries
Call, Carnes Family, Carpenter, Caruthers, Casdorph, Cash, Center Point (I & II), Chapman, Chapman Family, Charles, Charleys Creek, Childers (I & II), Clark, Coleman, Community, Coyner, Cross Creek, Cyrus

David McCallister
*D* Cemeteries - Dartt, Davis, Deal, Dodd/Mitchell, Dudding, Wm. Dudding, Duffer/Suttle, Duncan, Dunlap
David McCallister
*E* Cemeteries
East, Edwards-Womack, Eggleston, Ellis (I & II), Emma Chapel Methodist Church, Erskin, Erwin Family, Erwin-Long, Estes, Jack Estes, Evergreen

David McCallister
Emma Chapel Church Cemetery
Partial Survey More To Come

Reggie Watson
Emma Chapel Cemetery
Donna Duprey
*F* Cemeteries
Ferguson Family, Fisher, Flint, Foster/Billups, Fowler, Frazer, Frazier (I, II, III, & IV), Fraziers Bottom Methodist Church

David McCallister
Frazier-Washington Cemetery
Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia

William S. McDowell
Frazier Family Cemetery I (Buffalo Bridge)
Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia

William S. McDowell
Frazier Family Cemetery II
Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia

William S. McDowell
Frazier Cemetery III, Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia
William S. McDowell
Frazier Cemetery IV
Fraziers Bottom, West Virginia

William S. McDowell
Frazier Cemetery V
Scott Depot, West Virginia

William S. McDowell
*G* Cemeteries
Gibson (I, II, & III), Giles/Stern, Grandview, Grant, Griffith, Guthrie

David McCallister
Griffith Cemetery
Cheryl C. McCallister
*H* Cemeteries
Hale/Harvey, Handley, Black Harbour Family, Harmon (I & II), Harmon Family, Haven of Rest, Hedrick, Henderson, Henson (I & II), Higginbotham, Hill, Lower Hodges, Old Hodges, Peter Hodges, Hoge, Holcomb, Holley, Highes, Humphrey, Hurricane

David McCallister
*J* Cemeteries
Jackson, Jividen, Johnson

David McCallister
*K* Cemeteries
King, Kingery, Kirkpatrick

David McCallister
*L* Cemeteries
Lambert Family, Landers, Lane, Lanham/Sunset, Larck, Lawrence, Lawson, Leadman, Leadmon, Lewis-Pullen, Libety, Lilly, Love, McCallister, Lunsford (I & II)

David McCallister
*M* Cemeteries
Maddox, Maden, Manila Chapel, Markham, Martin, Mason, Mayes, Meddings, Meeks, Middleton, Esta Miller Memorial Park, Mitchell, Mize, Moore, Morgan, Moss Chapel, Muck, Mynes

David McCallister
*Mc* Cemeteries
McCallister, McClung, McCoy Family, McGuire Family, McClain

David McCallister
*Mount* Cemeteries
Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, Mount Zion

David McCallister
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery
Candie Freeman
*N* Cemeteries
New Antioch, Nichols, Noffsinger, Henry Null

David McCallister
*O* Cemeteries
Oak Ridge, Odd Fellow, Old Antioch, Old Bethel, Old Hurricane Baptist Church, Old Oak Ridge, Old West, Benjamin Oldaker, Peyton Oldaker, Ortin Heights

David McCallister
*P* CemeteriesL Parker, Parkins (I & II), Paul, Peach Ridge, Pine Grove, Pittsford, Pliny Presbyterian Church, Poca-Varner, Providence Church
David McCallister
*R* Cemeteries
Richards Family, Roberts (I & II), Robinson, Rogers Family

David McCallister
*S* Cemeteries
St. Patrick, Saunders, Scary (Freewill Baptist), Schowen, Shamblin, Shiloh Church, Shiverdecker, Silman, Sim(m)s, Alex Smith, Smith (I, II, & III), Sovine (I & II), Sowards, Spence Family, Staton, Steele/Carney, Stewart, Stickler, Old Summers, Summers, Surbaugh, Sycamore

David McCallister
*T* Cemeteries
Terry, Thomas, Thompson Family, Torman, Tucker, Turley (I & II)

David McCallister
*V* Cemeteries
Valley View Memorial Park, Vance

David McCallister
*W* Cemeteries
Wade, Wade Chapel Church, Walker Chapel, Washington, West (I & II), White Oak Church, Whittington, Wilson, Winfield, Wisman, Withrow-King-Higginbotham, Woody (I & II)

David McCallister
*Y* Cemeteries
Young, Young/Hodges

David McCallister
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